The Roys' Grand Mediterranean Yacht - Succession
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Greg is set to testify before the Congressional committee.

Nobody is there to support him.

Greg is utterly in over his head to the point that Gil Eavis suggests he can talk to them normally but Greg isn't sure what that means.

Logan has a list of people he's willing to offer up to the business gods. On it is Gerri, Cyd, Frank, Ray, and Karl. To the right with question marks are Tom and Kendall.

All the names appear with those receiving special attention.

After giving Hugo some special words, he asks after Roman. Hugo assures Logan his son is fine.

Logan takes a call from one of his shareholders utterly annoyed that he's getting called direct. The shareholer bemoans the fact Logan is facing such press at the moment. Logan says he's a tough bastard and they've hit a squall, but it's over and he's coming through. 

Strictly between the two of them, the guy needs something to assure he gets it. Logan offers up the names he's ticked. It feels so toxic that they feel it should be Logan. Logan doesn't even know how to process that suggestion.

Hugo says Greg might be talking himself onto Logan's list, but Logan has been sent a message beyond what he ever imagined and cannot even answer.

Everyone is arriving at the short and jumping onto the yacht. Connor and Willa discuss her play and the old white dude from the New York Times unvaluable opinion.

Everyone gets drinks upon boarding.

Shiv and Tom talk about what they're about to do. And that is a threesome with one of Shiv's old friends. Tom is not at all into it and looks for excuses to disengage. 

Everyone seems to be under the impression that they're going on a vacation.

Greg talks to Kendall about what he should have said to Congress including No Woman No Cry and I volunteer as tribute.

The yacht was refitted, so they have to take their shoes off. Greg balks as his toes might not be all that asthetically pleasing. 

The Conheads have created a gif of Connor in the congressional audience and paired it with what seem to be nazi videos, something he believes to be "very positive."

The reviews are in for Willa's play. Connor says they're a mixture. He tries to find one good one, but he cannot. When she sees the headline, she tosses the tablet into the water.

Kendall, Karl, and Jamie get a heroes welcome as they all take the piss out of him. He's not in the mood, though, because it was actually fuckin' scary and they thought they were going to get killed. 

Jamie says the kid did good.

Kendall and Roman catch up on DC and the kidnapping. Roman tells Kendall he did good. Kendall waits for the but, but it doesn't come. Roman laughs at Tom's performance as Tom rebuts that he was deadcatting to take the pressure off of Logan.

Roman wonders whose big, hairy foot is going to fit in the glass slipper. Washington Ken? Kendall says that's a definitive no and suggests Roman brought the goose home. 

Is Greg ready to step up? Why is here here? Someone is attending to Greg's toe fungus.

Roman asks if they could talk about things normally. Shiv reacts with a helium laden voice to which Kendall responds with a goofy voice of his own. They don't have feelings and shit.

Logan arrives via whirlybird saying hello to everyone and hugging Roman. He immediately calls the kidnapped crew to business.

Jamie (if that's his name) thinks they can take the company private now. Senal figured out who they were and pitched hard and they want in. They like it, Logan especially because of his predicament.

Roman, though, doesn't think it makes sense. He's worried about the reasoning behind the conversations, but if it goes sour, they're fucked. Logan agrees. If it falls halfway through, they're terminal.

Roman thinks that guy was a coked up bullshitter. Jamie needs to pull in major coin or he's in trouble with his firm. Karl backs up Roman's thoughts.

Jamie lashes out reminding both Roman and Karl that someone is getting tossed out of the balloon and likely going to jail, so good night and good luck.

Jamie exits the ship.

Kendall checks in with Logan. Maybe not the solution. So it's gonna get choppy, Kendall says. Logan can't fuckin' believe it. He never did anything really. A good Catholic lad who couldn't even take his undershirt off in front of his ex-wife. Everyone else behaves like a pack of wild dogs.

Kendally says Stewey is in Greece, but Logan shuts it down.

Shiv wonders if it's Roman's racism that shut down the deal. He doesn't think it's too funny.

There is a giant slide into the bay. Tom says if Greg ends up carrying the bag for cruises, he'll be back to drinking milk instead of pink champagne.

Connor wants Logan to write a good review for the play. He begs for a cash infusion. A little hundred mil.

Logan says maybe, but he'll have to quit the campaign. He has to indicate sound judgement. Logan says everyone thinks he's a fucking joke and is embarrassing him. Connor is gutted.

Logan wants to do the best thing, the most decent thing, and that means they'll get into the discussion of indicating how they'll say sorry to the rest of the world tomorrow. In the meantime, drink up.

Roman checks in with Gerri wondering how she is and why Logan is handling the situation like he is.

Everyone wonders what they're hearing while bandying about names. Roman begins placing odds on each of them trying to lighten the mood.

Logan pulls up Kendall on asking Naomi aboard. She's kind of a big one for him, Kendall says, and since he wasn't properly informed, Logan thinks there might not be enough provisions. 

He thinks Kendall will be fucked on drugs with Naomi around.

When the threesome comes into play, Tom wonders if he could watch or if she could watch them. It's so HOT, Tom says, so he'll probably join. But since he hasn't done a stadium gig before, he's not sure he could perform. He genuinely doesn't feel "naughty" he tells Shiv. She thought it was something they could do for them, but that's OK.

Logan wakes up and makes a phone call.

Kendall sends Naomi away. She wants him to come with her, and he says it's a big time. It's objectively a crisis, he says. He's sorry. She says Logan loves the broken Kendall, and his face drops.

At breakfast, Connor requests a full bottle of burgandy. This exists, Logan says, because they're a family. He thinks the obvious choice is him.

And with a chorus of nos comes everyone tossing everyone to the wolves beginning with Kendall submitting Gerri. Roman then offers Frank. Frank then offers Karl. Karl thanks Frank, but if Rhea isn't anymore, then Gerri is back as the successor, so fattened for the kill. They all begin to pile onto Gerri, but Roman says no and Logan wonders why. He wants Roman's reasoning.

Roman thinks sacrificing a woman is the worst move, and he points at Tom as the head of cruises. Kendall says he shit the bed over Mo Lester. You don't answer the questions, Kendall says and Roman agrees. Karl says Tom works, too. Even Shiv says Tom looks logical. He's like family, but he's not family. 

Tom offers Shiv, and Gerri piles onto that with the witness tampering. What about both of them? Beauty and the beast?

Kendall thinks Tom's not a big enough trophy. What about with some Greg sprinkles. Greg wonders about Roman. Connor suggests he get tossed into the volcano with a sweet, golden parachute to fatten the deal.

Logan needs to reflect. They have half an idea, but yeah. Later.

Logan wants a word with Kendall. Are they OK? Logan said he told her she was welcome and wonders if she's on a hair trigger. Is Stewey available? Kendall says it might be humiliating, but Logan says sure, but what he wants to do he doesn't want to do.

Shiv and Tom are out looking for places to scuba dive or something. 

Logan and Kendall meet with Stewey. It's not a negotiation. It's a one-bang final deal offer and that's it. If he says it and it's a go, they shake hands. He offers three board seats including Kendall's. They get a codified say in the appointment of the next CEO, they remove a poison pill, conduct a strategic review on terms co-set with Stewey, dismiss all litigation on the proxy battle, spin off cruises.

Stewey turns down the deal. It does not work for them, Stewey insists. Kendall says he needs to make it work or he'll cut him. Stewey says they've got the leg up offering just a little more money to shareholders and that's all that this is.

Logan and Kendall return.

Shiv and Tom lounge on a private cove. He cannot stand that she shivved him. He still thinks he got shitty advice before the hearing and got hung out to dry. He doesn't believe that Shiv loves him. She says she won't let anything happen to him. Tom rails on her for what she did to their marriage. Ultimately, she says she'll talk to Logan, but Tom wants to be the one to do it.

Tom approaches Logan. He pulls food right off of Logan's plate and eats it. Logan has no idea what's happening. Tom thankis him for the chicken and leaves.

Logan wonders what's next. He still floats Tom, Gerri, and Greg. Logan wonders if Tom would flip when faced with prison time. Shiv wonders why not what they discussed. Ken works, he was across the whole thing. It plays. Obviously.

Shiv doesn't think Tom deserves it and it doesn't work for the rest of the world. She's trying to save her marriage. It's the sort of tough choice that people need to be able to make. Peopl who would be very senior people. But Shiv cannot be the one to make that decision. Just not Tom, though. Please.

Shiv approaches Tom while Kendall watches. She then approaches Kendall. He pulls up his ear phones and nods.

Kendall goes to see Logan. Logan lies. They won't accept him. He gets it, he does, Kendall says. Logan begins talking about the Incans sacrificing his kids. Kendall has tears in his eyes as he says it's OK. 

Roman takes it the hardest, and it's Roman who gets the top spot. 

Kendall exits the ship.

Greg leaves with Kendall. Greg's been holding his pee because he's worried about Ken. Greg thinks what his dad's doing is ... he's sorry.

Kendall prepares for the press conference. Logan texted Carolina. He's watching.

Shiv and Logan sit down to watch together. Shiv can't eat. Logan says it's OK. It's OK. It had to be done. And I just know that kiss on the cheek has to mean something. Right? Right Kendall???

Kendall begins to read the statement, but he pauses. He has been asked to explain his own illegality in the firm and it's been suggested that he's a suitable figure to absorb the anger and concern, but... go read the awesome quote I have posted. It will do the trick!

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Succession Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sails up toes out, bro.


Logan: So. What do you think?
Hugo: Me? If you added Carolina, that's a decent bundle of leadership meat to feed the sharks.
Logan: Slipper cunt. Knife your boss? You're a nasty bastard, aren't you?