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M'gann has a vision of Prime Phantom's lair, leading her to believe that she is still linked to him. She thinks that because of this, she can find Kara.

Lena creates a Prototrap, which traps Phantom Progeny. The Super Friends try to use it to trap Prime Phantom, but he's too strong.

Nia has a dream of Kara and Alex in high school.

Kara, Zor-El, and Nyxly find the Anchor in the Phantom Zone, the place that could send them home. But the exit is broken.

M'gann's original soul is trapped with the other Phantom Progenies in Prime Phantom's lair.

Zor-El tells Kara that another prisoner broke his ankle. Nyxly tells her that she scared him away. They decide to leave him and come back when they find another exit.

M'gann and Nia combine their powers to try to find Prime's lair. Nia dreams of Midvale again. They are unable to pinpoint the lair's location.

Lena uses Q waves and Kara's recording to replicate M'gann's powers so that they can find Kara. Alex takes it from Lena so that they can use it to find Prime's lair.

Kara and Nyxly find the exit. Kara activates it. Nyxly tells Kara that her father is beyond saving and that they should leave him in the Phantom Zone.

Kara disagrees. Nyxly tells Kara that she's the one who attacked Zor-El. She used Kara to escape the Zone.

The Super Friends find the lair in the sewers. The Phantoms find them, and they take J'onn's and Brainy's souls. Alex finds the Chrysalis holding all the souls and releases them.

The team meets up again to trap Prime with the Prototrap.

Kara destroys the exit to prevent Nyxly from reaching Earth. The room self-destructs with Nyxly in it, while Kara escapes.

The Super Friends realize they can use Prime Phantom to track Kara, but they need her DNA.

One of the times she lost her powers was in high school, making Nia realize her dreams have been telling her they need to travel back in time to get Kara's DNA.

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Supergirl Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Father, please. Please, think of everything we've accomplished already. We made an ally where there were only enemies. We found magic where there was only misery. We found each other after decades apart. We can't give up now, not after all of that.


Lena: I call it a Prototrap. It's designed to trap Prime Phantom and his progeny hands-free and transport them and transport them directly to containment.
Brainy: Just like in Ghostbusters.
Lena: Except that's a movie.
Brainy: It's the perfect movie.
Lena: The Prototrap is real.
Brainy: Okay.