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Just when it looked like Marty and NaOnka had things all sewn up the way they wanted at their respective tribes the game changes.  Before the first reward challenge, Jeff informs the tribes that captains of the La Flor and Espada tribes would be selected at random to choose members from the other tribe to join their tribe.  Brenda selects Marty, Jane and Jill to join La Flor while Holly adds Chase, Benry, NaOnka and Alina to the Espada tribe.

With the Medallion of Power removed from the game with the tribe shake up, Holly’s decision pays immediate dividends for the Espada tribe.  Playing a modified version of the famous Price Is Right game Plinko, the redone Espada tribe is able to hold on to the falling balls better than the new La Flor tribe to win the challenge.  Their reward, two chickens and a rooster, however would prove to be the undoing of their tribe.

The position of tribe leader remains an important one to the original Espada members.  On the new Espada tribe Tyrone quickly fills the void left by Marty’s absence and starts spelling out the camp rules to the new younger members.  On the new La Flor tribe, the change of scenery has not dimmed Marty’s confidence over his position in the tribe.  In what he believes is a power play, he displays his ownership of a hidden immunity idol and confesses that he hopes to be the new La Flor leader.

For the immunity challenge, the new tribes competed in a two-part challenge that combines swallowing and spitting water with tossing ball.  Failing to head the credo that slow and steady win the race, La Flor tries to rush through the challenge, but makes it difficult for the tribemates attached to the wheel to spit water into the bucket.  However, despite the advantage gained from the water portion, Tyrone and Benry are unable to turn it in to a victory as Jud and Jane rally from behind to give La Flor the win.

Heading back to camp all signs seem to point towards NaOnka going home after a brutal 24 hours of rain and wind that had her considering quitting.  However, when the tribe wants to kill and eat one of the chickens won during the reward challenge, Tyrone objects, but falls in the minority.  The chicken is killed and despite his earlier objections, Tyrone takes more than his fair share of chicken.  Combined with his unwanted advice the day before, Tyrone’s actions are too much for the new Espada tribe who send him home.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 5 Quotes

If I look good, I feel good, I'm a gonna do good.


I'm in control finally. I'm in control of this tribe.