Sara blurts out where Libby's daughter Clara is being housed, which enables John to overpower the startled Libby. The police have found Doyle's body where Libby left it. John and Sara discuss their future while his wound is treated. Byrnes plans to get answers out of the jailed Libby through intimidation and torture. Karen will accept Freud's offer to work with him in Vienna while Laszlo can't bring himself to leave New York. Knox, who has the Vanderbilt baby, finds out Libby's been arrested. Byrnes lets Kreizler interrogate Libby. But Laszlo sends in Sara instead. They talk about parents and being loved. Sara tricks Libby by offering to bring Clara to see Libby if she tells her where the baby is. Libby whispers a location to her. Sara feels guilty about not upholding her part of the bargain. John and the police find the baby at the meat company. Knox plans his revenge. Knox and his men break out Libby. She's going after Clara, who is being guarded by Marcus and Lucius. Marcus hears glass breaking. Knox knocks out Lucius and shoots Marcus. Marcus dies. John admits he wants to be with Sara. The remaining members of the team pour over the evidence that the police have collected. They decide Libby would return to her childhood home. Byrnes allows the team to go in first. Lucius shoots and kills Knox. Sara and Kreizler convince Libby to free Clara. Libby surrenders to the police. John gets promoted at The Times. Kreizler seeks advice from Cyrus. Violet is pregnant. So John can't be with Sara. Karen and Laszlo play chess. She kisses him. He agrees to go to Vienna with her. Sara,and John have a farewell dinner for Kreizler. John leaves with Violet. Sara introduces her latest detective, Kitty Byrnes, at her agency.

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness
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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I wouldn't have thought a newspaperman's occupation would be this hazardous.

John [to Sara]

Byrnes: A man walks a beat for half his life. For what? For this.
Marcus: He died in uniform serving the city.
Byrnes: Serving the propertied patroons with greenbacks in their pockets. It's what we do, Marcus. Do you think there'd be an army of men out there hunting for your baby? Or his?