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After the guys buy a box of memorabilia from a garage sale, they discover a Lord of the Rings ring.  After taking it to a shady dealer, Wolowitz learns the ring is an actual prop word almost $15,000.  Rather than listening to Raj's idea to sell it or Leonard's to return it to Peter Jackson, the guys end up fighting over their precious.   While deciding, they give the ring to Penny to hold.  However, after Sheldon tries to steal the ring from her in the middle of the night, he's left with a broken nose and no more ring bearer.

Leonard brings the ring in to work the next day and they attempt to have a competition where whoever can hold on to the ring longest wins it.  Leonard backs out first when Penny tells him she got back from Victoria's Secret.  The other guys all hold on, including going to the bathroom, until they all pass out.  In the morning they wake up to no ring, Leonard claims he shipped it to New Zealand to Peter Jackson.  However, Leonard heads back to his room where he was keeping the ring in a shoe box.  After the credits, Sheldon sneaks in to Leonard's room where they end up wrestling for the ring.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Here's Mr. T's head on Spock's body. I pity the fool that is illogical.


Penny: Who's Adam West?
Sheldon: Who's Adam West!? Leonard, what do you talk about after the coitus?
Wolowitz: My guess is "four minutes, a new record!"