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-The Bold Babes go wedding donut shopping.

-Kat pitches a millennial "wedding round-up," and Jacqueline tries to shoot it down but eventually changes her mind.

-Jacqueline sees more pictures of Ian out having fun with other women on Instagram.

-Sutton is struggling with planning her wedding without Richard.

-Kat is looking for women who are completely wrong for her so that she doesn’t risk anyone trying to get serious with her.

-Sutton has to go to Carly’s school to bring her a new uniform, but Sutton fights for Carly’s right to express herself and gets her sent home

-Jane interviews Jacqueline for her wedding article.

-Oliver is upset with Sutton about getting Carly sent home.

-Sutton sees herself in Carly because she doesn’t want to be just another bridal clone.

-Jane accidentally records Jacqueline’ an s phone call with Ian where she tells him that he should stay longer.

-Kat’s casual thing turns into breakfast and a date to her friend’s birthday party.

-Sutton comes clean to Oliver about why she went rogue at Carly’s school.

-Jane changes her article into a listicle to protect Jacqueline.

-Kat goes to the birthday party and her and her casual thing were hitting it off great, so she fled.

-Sutton tries on a wedding dress and it all clicks.

-Jacqueline is upset with Jane about her article, and Jane explains why. Jacqueline tells Jane she thinks she is protecting her fantasy as much as she is protecting Jacqueline. Jacqueline lets her rewrite her piece.

-Sutton convinces Oliver to let Carly redecorate her room so she can express herself.

-Jane calls her dad to find out about him and her mom’s marriage.

-Jacqueline opens up to Oliver about her and Ian and finally realizes she needs to enjoy this time apart too.

-Sutton gets 15 thousand Instagram followers after being tagged in the Scarlet shoot.

-Kat sleeps with a hot male bartender.


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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Jane: Guy’s we’re getting married!
Kat: Well, Sutton is getting married. I’m fixing my life with free donuts.

I don’t understand why gay men need to get matching tuxedos when they get married, like, what was there a two for one sale?...or are they, twins.