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The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 Review: We Gotta Go Now

The Boys Review: We Gotta Go Now

The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 finds Homelander making mistakes faster than he can correct and the Boys under attack from Black Noir. Check out our review!
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MM: He's your canary.
Butcher: My canary?
MM: You let your canary die, how you gonna know when you've gone too far?

Homelander: Hey, guys, um, I just have one question if that's OK.
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Yeah?
Ashley: Yeah.
Homelander: Alright. So, what happens if I do, uh, I don't know, I do this. [boxes Blindspot's ears] And now, you're just another useless fuckin' blind guy. This must be some kind of a joke. Ashleyyyy, what made you think I'd ever allow a cripple into The Seven?