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Jackie goes on her first date in a long time and gets stood up. She makes friends with a couple at the next table, Ron and Janelle. The invite her to karaoke with them afterwards. The next day they send her red roses. 


Ron and Janelle ask Jackie to be a part of their relationship, a thrupple and Jackie agrees.


Darlene goes to Planned Parenthood to see if she’s healthy enough to get pregnant and realizes she needs to stop eating junk food and take better care of herself.  Darlene tells Harris who says she doesn’t care because she’s moved out, then Harris tells Mark. 


Mark is upset. He hates the idea and confronts Ben who stumbles over talking to him. Later, Darlene talks to Mark and finds out he’s worried about her being older and dying in childbirth. She assures him that the odds of that are low, and he should be more worried about her loving the baby more than him. He says that will never happen. 


Dan finds out that his father paid for Ed Jr.’s college education, something he refused to do for Dan. Dan had wanted to go to college and design cars but her father said he wasn’t college material. In order to gain closure and stop taking his anger out on Ed Jr., Dan takes Ed Sr.’s car that he loved, which Ed Jr. gave him, and blows it up with illegal fireworks. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Darlene: No, Harris, we’ve talked about this. You cannot date your uncle.
Harris: I’m so sick of this family and all its crazy rules.

You look great. Just be calm and be yourself. If you have to choose one, then be calm.