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Harris is depressed about losing her job at Price Warehouse and has to move back home. The family tries to boost her spirits but, for the most part, fail miserably. 


Dan’s old friend, Tony, owns a bike shop and tattoo parlor. He’s looking for help and Dan thinks Harris could do well there but Darlene has started to spend more time with Harris, bonding over her misery and doesn’t tell her about the job. 


Dan has to push Darlene into telling Harris. Harris loves the job and tries to convince the family to get matching tattoos. 


Becky needs affordable child care. She video chats with Emilio who says his aunts could watch Beverly. But when Becky and Jackie drop Beverly Rose off at their home, it’s obvious that the Aunts love the baby but call Becky a horny old donkey in Spanish. Jackie, who speaks fluent Spanish tells Becky who is upset but has no other options other than to leave the baby there and go to work.


Later, Becky confronts the aunts who blame Becky for allowing Emilio to work multiple jobs while undocumented in order to support her and the baby, a move which eventually got him deported. They want Becky to travel to Mexico and marry Emilio so that in a year or two he can get back to the U.S. Becky says she’ll think about it. 

The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Nobody learns from their successes. You only learn from failure so when you pull yourself out of this dark pit of despair you’re going to be so much smarter. I mean if, because some people don’t make it.


The kid had a tough break but she’ll bounce back. None of us ever have but I’ve seen it happen in other families, mostly on TV.