Fate of the World - The Librarians
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Eve secretly meets with General Rockwell and agrees to let DOSA have all the artifacts in the Library if they let the Librarians go. She later tells the Librarians that she's playing DOSA and that she got a lead on a missing artifact near Mount Rushmore.

Cassandra, Jake, and Ezekiel go in search of the artifact, only to realize too late that it was a distraction while Eve lets DOSA into the Library. Jenkins is incapacitated by Medusa's head turning him to stone and carted away with the other artifacts.

Flynn instructs the other Librarians to rescue Jenkins while he attempts to save as many artifacts as he can.

Eve learns that DOSA has Apep's sarcophagus. General Rockwell foolishly opens it and becomes possessed by Apep.

The Librarians successfully rescue Jenkins and return to the Library. Eve reveals that she and Flynn were working together to trap Apep in the Library so Flynn can use the Eye of Ra, but Eve did not know that the Eye requires a human sacrifice.

Apep leaves the general's body and begins to release Pure Evil. Flynn shows up and attempts to stop him with the Eye of Ra. The other Librarians intervene.

Each one using some magic in their possession, they make Apep corporeal and mortal, and Flynn uses Apep himself to power the Eye of Ra. Both Apep and the Pure Evil are banished.

Eve and the Librarians convince General Rockwell to return all the artifacts DOSA stole from the Library, and life returns to normal.

The Librarians
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The Librarians Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You finished with your little soliloquy? Because I’m tired.


General Rockwell: You don’t just expect me to hand [the artifacts] over, do you?
Jake: You really think after what you’ve seen today that they’re safest with you?
Cassandra: I’m sure you’ll do a great job taking care of the Loch Ness monster!
Ezekiel: And no one will accidentally open up Pandora’s box!
Jenkins: Or touches Midas’s hand.
General Rockwell: We are not fools! We are trained to deal with any--
Flynn [pointedly]: Or open up an Egyptian god’s sarcophagus and end up becoming possessed.