Santa's Sleigh - The Librarians
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The Librarians have been tasked with protecting Santa's sleigh. That's because Flynn, Eve and Jenkins are going on vacation with Santa. Ezekiel sneaks away to visit with his family of thieves, who are celebrating Thanks-taking Day. Ezekiel puts a damper on the celebration by giving his mother a gift that he had bought rather than stolen. She and his three sisters don't believe he's met Santa. To prove what he's been doing, Ezekiel takes his mother Lenore to the Library. He realizes his mistake and tries to get rid of her, but she sneaks back in and steals the Magic Door. He convinces Cassandra and Jacob not to rat him out to Eve. With no Magic Door for transport, they decide to use Santa's sleigh instead. Lenore has used the door to steal Christmas presents from around the world. Among the items is a Vermeer masterpiece she stole from the Bank of Thieves. So now they have to return it. At the bank, they start a brawl to distract the guards so they can get to the vault. Ezekiel and Lenore put the painting back, but then the vault door closes, trapping them. The Patron Prince of Thieves wants to know how Lenore broke in to his vault. Under his control, she admits they used Santa's sleigh to return the painting. The Saint wants to destroy the sleigh, to have revenge on Santa, his brother. Cassandra and Jacob call Jenkins for help. Cassandra contacts Ezekiel's sisters by mirror, tricking them into fixing the globe. Jacob takes out those guarding the sleigh, while Ezekiel and Lenore escape. Jenkins brings the pink slip for the sleigh. Santa gifted the prince the sleigh, which means he can't accept it. since it hadn't been stolen. So he reverts to his childish self. Ezekiel and Lenore give back every present she stole.

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The Librarians Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Jacob: Jenkins said not to put any tacky decorations up.
Cassandra: Well, Jenkins isn't here. And one man's tacky is another man's tasteful.

Jenkins [to the Librarians]: Let me be very clear: No touching.