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-Danny's ex-wife shows up played by guest star Chloe Sevigny because of the letter Morgan mailed. When Morgan admits to mailing it, Danny fires him. Mindy takes Morgan's spot on their triathlon team. While working out with Casey, he mentions converting to Christianity to Mindy. Mindy decides to host Betsy's bible study group at her apartment but realizes in the end, she doesn't want to convert. At the triathlon, Danny and Brendan battle. When Mindy shows up for her final leg of the race, she gets sick and Danny steps in to run for her. He collapses yards from the finish line and Morgan carries him across. Morgan turns him down when he is given his old job back. Casey tells Mindy he doesn't care about her converting and Danny reaches out to his ex-wife Christina. 

The Mindy Project
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The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

It's like Sons of Anarchy in here ok? And none of the young hot characters, just like, the old ones.


I cannot believe I considered converting to Christianity without thinking of the whole jewelry angle.