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Everyone from the office is invited to Peter and Lauren's wedding in Texas. 

Mindy can't find clothes that fit her. Danny tries to make her feel better. 

At the office, Jeremy wants an updated picture of the office employees and Mindy forces him to wait until she gets a better outfit to make her look good. Rishi goes to Mindy's office now that he works at her clinic and asks his opinion about her weight. Later, Mindy's 'skinny dress' arrives and rips it when she tries it on.

Morgan brags about being in a relationship with Jessica and Jeremy, angry about all of the relationships around him, forces Danny and Morgan to go to a single pajama party to find a new girlfriend. At the pajama party, Morgan sees his girlfriend, Jessica, and wants Danny to intervene. When Danny talks to her, she says she wants to break up with him, but Danny tells her not to because Jeremy is going to fire him. Later at the party, a neighbor stops the party and forces everyone to leave. 

Tamra wants to help Mindy feel better and has her cousin help her find clothes for Peter's wedding and the picture. Tamra's cousin tries to give Mindy some confidence in her clothes. Mindy surprises Danny at home in a sexy outfit, but Danny laughs. Mindy feels bad and gets mad at Danny for criticizing her and Mindy begins feels bad about the way she looks.

While waiting for the picture Morgan tells Danny that Jessica broke up with him. Mindy gets mad at Danny for fat shaming Morgan when he tells him that Jessica broke up with him because he gained weight.

The neighbor pays Jeremy a visit and gets mad for writing a letter about her bad reaction. Jeremy ends up asking her out on a date and she agrees.

At the hospital, Tamra and her cousin confront Danny about making Mindy feel bad. She makes Danny go home and tell Mindy feel better. Mindy takes her anger out on Jessica's hoarding collection and she agrees to get back together with Morgan. Mindy realizes that she has to make herself feel better before Danny can. At home, Danny apologizes to Mindy for being insensitive.

At the practice picture, everyone prepares and Jeremy returns from a walk of shame from his date with the neighbor

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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Adults shouldn't have to put on pajamas to meet each other. They should just have their parents introduce them to their second cousin. You know someone who has the same values as them.


Mindy: Do I look gross?
Rishi: Oh I don't know. I mean I knew you when you had a perm and overalls and that was gross.