Things Get Strange - Twin Peaks
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Cooper is traveling around in the metal cube, ending up on a different planet or universe. He walks around, seeing a lady who won't let him come near something on the wall. It seems like someone is trying to get inside the room so she helps him escape to another location, falling to her death before he travels there. 

He ends up in another place with another woman, where he again walks towards the familiar metal wall decoration. 

At the same time, Evil Cooper is driving out in the real world and begins to feel sick. Cooper lets himself be sucked into the opening in the wall, probably through the electricity that then connects back to Evil Cooper's car. he continues to drive and crashes from the intense energy that must be coming from Cooper's travel back into the real world. 

Cooper ends up taking over the life of another doppelganger, one who ends up disappearing himself into The Black Lodge. Cooper gets brought to a casino where he predicts which slot machines will earn big, getting him thousands of dollars. 

Cooper is still unable to process or interact with anyone. 

Andy, Hawk, and Lucy try to figure out what is missing. 

Gordon and Albert get a call about Cooper getting arrested, although they are headed to meet Evil Cooper instead.  

Twin Peaks
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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Someone manufactured you for a purpose, but I think now that's been fulfilled.

The One-Armed Man

You mean Jade has to give you two rides?