11 Wishes for Teen Wolf Season 5B

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The wait is almost over!

Teen Wolf Season 5 returns on January 5, and so it's only fitting that we take time to reflect on the first half of season five. Let's be honest, there are some things we wish we could change.

Here's my personal wish list for 5B. Some of my wishes I know will never come true, but hey, a girl can dream. Plus, there's this handy little thing called fanfiction.

What do you hope to see when Teen Wolf returns? Leave your wish list in a comment below.

1. Sciles

I miss my Brotp. Remember when they were happy and the best of friends, and no monster or jerk could come between them? Yeah, those were good times. Their whole fight was so stupid and made zero sense. Scott would never trust Theo over Stiles, and Stiles would never keep something from Scott.

2. Answers on Dread Doctor

Answers on Dread Doctor
Who are they Dread Doctors? How do they work? Where did they come from? What do they want? We basically know nothing about them. Seriously, what did we learn during the first half of this season? NADA

3. Derek

We all miss him. There's just so much to love! I mean there's his eyebrows, his relationship with Scott, his cute but menancing behavior, and oh so much more. Sigh, there's always fanfiction.

4. Sterek

Speaking of fanfiction, I miss these two dorks together. I'm not saying I need them boning or anything, but I miss their sarcastic scenes. They have such a strange dynamic, and I love it.

5. Banshee Skills

Banshee Skills
We've seen glimpses of Lydia being a badass banshee during her attempted escape from Eichen House, but we still don't have any real answers as to how her skills work. There really should be a banshee trainer or someone who can teach Lydia about what all she can do.

6. Desert Wolf

Desert Wolf
What kind of craziness is going on where Malia's mom wants her dead? At least now we've seen her face, but other than that, the Desert Wolf is a HUGE mystery. At this point, I'll take any answers we can get.

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