11 Wishes for Teen Wolf Season 5B

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7. McCall Pack Reunited

McCall Pack Reunited
For the first half of the season, the McCall pack was divided. I hated every moment of it. Watch your pack, McCall, and stop listening to Theo! Hopefully season 5B will feature a stronger and more united McCall pack.

8. Chimera Pack

Chimera Pack
Speaking of packs, let's hope this new Chimera pack doesn't suck. We spent a lot of 5A on the chimeras, and now that they are all apparently alive, they better not be a boring waste of time.

9. Isaac Returns

Isaac Returns
I miss his scarves and sweaters. Seriously, let's bring back the bundle of joy that is Isaac Lahey into our lives. He can cheer everyone up with his tendency to wear scarves in warm weather.

10. Let's Bring Back Jackson Too

Let's Bring Back Jackson Too
We might as well bring Jackson back too. I'm pretty sure he can afford a plane ticket back to Beacon Hills. I really want to see him knock some sense into Scott and Stiles.

11. Senior Memories

Senior Memories
Assumedly, the end of 5B means the end of high school for the McCall pack. Let's have the pack participate in some more fun senior year traditions. You know the ones that don't involve dying, pain, or misery?

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