13 Best Shows in Showtime History

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7. Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie
Nurse Jackie's patients are lucky to have her. She'll go to the ends of the earth to give them the greatest care in a shoddy medical system. It's too bad she doesn't do the same for herself. Because Jackie is a drug addict, and without them, she falls apart and can't deliver on any level.

8. Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex
William Masters and Virginia Johnson are known as the pioneers of sex researech. Yet they are completely out of touch with their own lives and needs. It's even more interesting that the two are married to others and having an affair, and they rarely follow the advice they share with their clients.

9. Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me
Georgia Lass is a young college dropout who dies on a temporary assignment – when a toilet seat from a passing airplane lands on her head. She's given the job of a reaper, reaping the souls of those about to die. Her afterlife has more purpose than her life did, and viewers get to know the little team of reapers who get their assignments on post-its at the waffle house every morning.

10. The L Word

The L Word
For six seasons, The L Word followed the intertwined lives of lesbians and bisexual women in Los Angeles as they dated, came out, stayed in the closet, had families and generally lived while discovering and questioning their sexuality.

11. The Tudors

The Tudors
The early years of King Henry the VIII were explored in detail through his wives, including Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and his journey continued up through his final marriage to Catherine Parr. Jonathan Rhys-Myers as King Henry was amazing, and you'll never see the king the same way again.

12. The Big C

The Big C
Laura Linney stars as Cathy Jamison, who's structured and reserved life is uprooted when she discovers she has terminal cancer. Instead of sharing her secret with those she loved, she changed everything about her life, feeling empowered by the fact she knew she had nothing to lose. Or did she? An honest and heartbreaking look at a disease that gives no one a free pass.

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