13 Characters Who Deserve Better Than Their Love Interest

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When it comes to romance on TV, a partnership isn't always made up of two equals.

As little sense as it might make, television has no problem putting a fan favorite character with someone that they just don't deserve.

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In some cases, it even tries to romanticize potentially toxic or abusive relationships.

We created a slideshow below of 13 characters who deserve better than their love interests. 

1. Bellamy Blake - The 100

Bellamy Blake - The 100
Bellamy Blake being in love with the woman who murdered his girlfriend, blew up his friends, and stabbed his sister is probably the worst storyline in history. But it's no problem, there's a five-year time jump to cover up that Bellamy would never be with someone like that.

2. Rachel Green - Friends

Rachel Green - Friends
Rachel, you should have stayed on the plane. Rachel gave up her dream job in Paris to be with Ross, who never supported her career, and frankly, didn't treat her very well.

3. Josh - Younger

Josh - Younger
Has Josh even been given a last name? He's become such a prop on Younger that it's painful to watch. Josh loved Liza with everything he had and even forgave her for all the lies. He didn't care in the slightest that she was 40-years-old. He was willing to give up having kids to be with her, and when he planned a romantic proposal, he caught her making out with her boss.

4. Cheyenne Lee - Superstore

Cheyenne Lee - Superstore
Cheyenne deserves better than a husband who married her just to "pay the consequences of his actions." She's sweet, bubbly, and can do much better than Bo.

5. Ed Mackenzie - Big Little Lies

Ed Mackenzie - Big Little Lies
Ed stood by Madeline's side through thick and thin. He was an incredibly supportive husband who thought of Madeline's daughter as his own. Madeline cheating on him didn't just break his heart, it broke ours too.

6. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf became a shell of her formal self whenever she was around Chuck Bass. She was an outspoken, independent, and comedic character until Chuck physically and emotionally abused her, and sucked her personality out. Blair deserved better.

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