13 Characters Who Ruined the Moment

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7. Everyone - Community

Everyone - Community
Jeff and Annie's moments were constantly interrupted by different characters and it wasn't okay in the slightest. It started to feel more like a running gag to annoy the audience than anything else.

8. The helicopter Pilot - One Day at a Time

The helicopter Pilot - One Day at a Time
Elena and Syd were having their first kiss when a helicopter pilot, who was out searching for a criminal with the police, demanded that they go back inside. But Elena wasn't having it, and she fought right back. Why can't all our ships call out mood killers like she did?

9. The Ghost Riders - Teen Wolf

The Ghost Riders - Teen Wolf
The moment we had all been waiting for finally came...with a twist. When Stiles told Lydia that he loved her, the ghost riders yanked Stiles from Lydia's hands and erased him from her memory. Talk about a mood killer.

10. Claudius and Penelope - Riverdale

Claudius and Penelope - Riverdale
Did Cheryl's evil family members really have to pick that moment to push her Nana down the stairs? Cheryl and Toni were both leaning in for a kiss when tragedy inevitably had to strike.

11. Charles Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
When didn't Charles ruin the moment for Jake and Amy? But Charles does consider himself an extension of Jake and Amy's relationship, so he doesn't understand that all his commentary makes things plain weird.

12. Kelly Watson - Superstore

Kelly Watson - Superstore
Jonah and Amy were joking around and having a beer when Kelly asked if she could join them. Jonah, never even considering that Amy might like him back, had no problem with the interruption. But Amy was not happy and became a little confused by her own feelings.

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