13 Ferocious Fights from 2015

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Despite the abundance of comic book related shows, not all of our fights for our year in review come from them.

You think you might be able to guess what our crew chose as some of the best?

Well, wait no longer, Take a look and then weigh in with your thoughts on the greatest fights televsion had to offer this year.

And keep coming back because our lists will continue as the year winds down.

1. Peggy vs Dottie - Agent Carter

Peggy vs Dottie - Agent Carter
Peggy versus Dottie in Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 was as intense as it gets. It had it all including knives, strangulation, and a baseball bat. It culminated in Peggy throwing Dotty through a glass window. What more could we want?

2. Daredevil Fight Scenes

Daredevil Fight Scenes
Every fight scene on Daredevil. The choreography of every fight is flawless. I almost never find myself on the literal edge of my seat watching fight scenes on shows, but Daredevil? Every time. Fights are made even more incredible with the added camera nods to the things that Matt Murdock CAN'T see and the way we, the viewers, get to be a part of how he acknowledges their existence, whether it be a chain jingling or shoes scraping, or any of the things that capture his other senses. Every fight is breathtaking to watch.

3. Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD

Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD
Goes to Daisy/Skye on Agents of SHIELD episode "The Dirty Half Dozen" at the end of season 2 in April. She had a full 36 second continuous fight scene with no cuts that showed exactly how bad-ass she had become since season one. You wonder how many times Chloe Bennet had to practice that entire scene to get it right in one take!

4. Norma and Romero - Bates Motel

Norma and Romero - Bates Motel
Norma Bates and Sheriff Romero in Season 3 Episode 10: “Crazy”. With Norma furious about a flash drive and Romero in need of the truth, the two end up in a frenzied and physical altercation. It was a violent, passionate, and breathtaking scene culminating in one of the most intense SQUEE moments that never happened. Two damaged people both with secrets spiraling out of control, both tired of running from their inner demons, and both repelled by, yet attracted to each other. They could have easily succumbed to the moment, but instead, rejected their feelings, gathered up their control, and continued on their way – a brilliant display of denial that each has perfected in their own way over the course of three seasons.

5. Supergirl Fight Scenes

Supergirl Fight Scenes
I like any fight with Supergirl. But my favorite was with Livewire, probably more because of the story behind it her and not the fight itself. I really liked Livewire as a villain for Supergirl.

6. Cookie vs Anika - Empire

Cookie vs Anika - Empire
Cookie vs. Anika on Empire. It was the fight we were all waiting for, and boy was it worth it. Further proof of Taraji P. Henson's rock-star status.

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