13 TV Characters with Saucy Secrets

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Everyone has a secret, but it takes a lot of effort to keep those secrets secret.

On television, sometimes the secret is what makes the show. 

Here are 13 characters who have secrets they don't want anyone finding out (well most of them don't!)

1. Spencer Has a Secret Twin - Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Has a Secret Twin - Pretty Little Liars
Throughout Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Spencer hadn't been acting like herself. And for good reason – it wasn't her. Turns out Mary Drake had another secret daughter, Alex Drake. Spencer met her darling twin when she was kidnapped and locked in a cell by her mother. We learned all Alex's backstory and how she pretended to be Spencer for over a year. It was a shocking revelation but made absolute sense after it was revealed.

2. Lucifer is the Devil, Like, Really the Devil - Lucifer

Lucifer is the Devil, Like, Really the Devil - Lucifer
The biggest secret for the people of Los Angeles is that the Devil really does walk among them. Although he's not afraid of telling people who he really is (he does call himself Lucifer after all), people just don't believe him until he really shows them what he is. That was the case with Dr. Linda who spent several days in shock at the revelation, but now openly accepts her new devilish friend. How long before Lucifer shares his secret with Chloe? It could be coming soon!

3. Megan Hides The Truth - The Arrangement

Megan Hides The Truth - The Arrangement
At the end of the Arrangement Season 1, it looked like Megan had been transformed by the Institute of the Higher Mind. Kyle was so proud of her for having finally accepted their principles. Turns out Megan had been faking compliance to get all the information she needed to bring the Institute down. Will she succeed, or did she make a mistake when she shared her secret with Shaun?

4. Clifford Killed Jason - Riverdale

Clifford Killed Jason - Riverdale
The central mystery of Riverdale Season 1 was who killed Jason Blossom. Turns good ole dad did the dirty deed, but we're not really sure exactly what his motive was for killing his own son because Clifford hung himself at the end of the season. There are many theories including that he didn't want Jason and Polly to be together because they were – gasp – cousins! Or it could be that Jason didn't want to get into the family business. Whatever the reason, it may or may not be revealed in Riverdale Season 2, but we loved the drama surrounding this well-kept secret.

5. Red is Lizzy's Daddy - The Blacklist

Red is Lizzy's Daddy - The Blacklist
There was a reason Red only wanted to speak with Elizabeth Keen, but he kept his connection to Liz a secret for four seasons. We finally got confirmation of what we all suspected from the very beginning when Liz presented Red with the DNA results that he was really her father. It was a heartwarming moment to watch him admit to the truth, and we're happy the secret is finally out!

6. Gordon Kills Galavan - Gotham

Gordon Kills Galavan - Gotham
On the mid-season finale of Gotham Season 2, Gordon crossed a bigger line than he ever had before when he killed Theo Galavan while Penguin watched. Jim never admitted to his crime and even lied about it in front of the GCPD police board blaming Penguin for Galavan's death. Jim has never paid for his crime and has never shared his secret with anyone.

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