14 Villains Scared Us Silly in 2015

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Continuing our year in review for 2015, we're taking a look at the layered villains who jumped out of the crowded landscape.

While nasty characters are plentiful, these more than your everyday simple gun toting bad guy.

Find out which ones made our list.

1. Damien Darhk - Arrow

Damien Darhk - Arrow
Damien Darhk from Arrow. Whether he's cheerfully life-sucking the heroes or complimenting them when they pull off something clever, Neal McDonough gleefully chews the scenery and has such fun with the unrepentantly villainous Darhk. He's so entertaining that he's found his way onto The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow!

2. Jamal Al Fayeed - Tyrant

Jamal Al Fayeed - Tyrant
Jamal Al Fayeed on Tyrant. You may have pitied him at times, but he was always quick to remind us just how twisted and disturbed he was. He was the brother you wanted to watch, even if Barry was who were (supposed to be) rooting for. He killed his uncle and his mother, tried to kill his son, and left his brother for dead after faking his execution. Tyrant just won't be the same without him – and not just because the familicide will be slowing down.

3. Hanzee - Fargo

Hanzee - Fargo
Hanzee from Fargo was terrifying. He wasn't over the top or particularly verbose, like some other Fargo bad guys -- he was near-silent, stealthy, and deadly. He was an incredibly effective and skilled killer. On top of that, Hanzee had a lot of depth, having to deal with rampant Midwestern '70s racism on the regular from both random people and even the Gerhardts, who had raised him from childhood. Hanzee's quiet intensity was remarkable (and scary) to watch.

4. Sin Rostro - Jane the Virgin

Sin Rostro - Jane the Virgin
Sin Rostro/Rose on Jane the Virgin. Say what you will about the ridiculousness of this CW telenovela, but when Sin Rostro kidnapped baby Mateo, mere minutes after viewers watched his realistic birth, it packed a heavy emotional punch. Having a child taken away from you would be an incredibly frightening experience for any parent, but when it comes at the hand of a known drug lord and killer? A million times more frightening!

5. Kai - The Vampire Diaries

Kai - The Vampire Diaries
Kai from The Vampire Diaries. He is super charming but insane! He is power crazy and ends up murdering his pregnant sister on her wedding day, all with an evil smirk and a chuckle.

6. Killgrave - Jessica Jones

Killgrave - Jessica Jones
Kilgrave on Jessica Jones. He may see himself as innocent of his many crimes, but the manipulation of others to act on his behalf makes everything more disturbing. One of his more dastardly deeds is his manipulation of women for his own pleasure – from street harassment to rape. Kilgrave is a creep, hands down.

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