15 Devasting TV Moments That Crushed Our Hearts

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There's nothing like a cathartic cry, and TV can deliver them with zeal.

The TV Fanatic staff is sharing with you some of our most intimate thoughts, so don't be afraid to let us know what TV moments from the most recent season made you break, too!

1. Many Whys - 13 Reasons Why

Many Whys - 13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why Season 1. It's impossible to choose only one heartbreaking moment from the season. Some moments hurt to watch more than others like Hannah's mother finding her, Hannah's rape, or Jessica finally letting herself accept that she had been raped, but nearly every episode hurt in a way that will stay with us for a long time. - Mandy

2. Veil Sacrifices Herself - Into the Badlands

Veil Sacrifices Herself - Into the Badlands
When Veil sacrifices her life to save baby Henry and Sunny from the evil Baron Quinn on Into the Badlands. After 2 seasons of unrequited love, her death was gut wrenching. - Ron

3. Michelle Dies - NCIS: LA

Michelle Dies - NCIS: LA
Sam Hanna losing his wife, Michelle on NCIS: LA. Why? Why? Why?!? Although it was mostly offscreen, Sam was the one with the most normal home life, which made for a nice balance between he and his partner. Watching Sam and the team scramble to save Michelle as she slowly suffocated was difficult enough, but I never really thought they’d kill her! Why can’t anyone in the NCIS franchise have a loving spouse who doesn’t end up dead? - Christine

4. Characters in Peril - Chicago Fire

Characters in Peril - Chicago Fire
Chicago Fire basically gets off on all the angst that comes with putting their beloved characters in peril, and they sustain themselves off the tears of viewers. Fan favorites stuck in a burning building with Hermann tending to Mouch (after he had a heart attack), and Matt taking off his mask so he could have a clear (potentially last) conversation with Gabby took heartbreaking to the next level. - Jasmine

5. Stefan Dies - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan Dies - The Vampire Diaries
Stefan dying on The Vampire Diaries. I'm still not over it, but that beautiful montage at the conclusion of the finale helped a little bit. Damon showing up at the door at the end confirmed that this was not a show about the tired love triangle. It was actually a show about the brothers. - Paul

6. Mack Loses Hope - Agents of SHIELD

Mack Loses Hope - Agents of SHIELD
Trapped in the Framework, Coulson's team are properly awoken by Daisy and Simmons one by one but when it comes to escaping back to the real world, Mack can't bear to face a world where his daughter, Hope, doesn't exist. He turns his back on the team and commits to living out a fabricated existence. When Yo-Yo comes in after him, she understands why he chose Hope and it breaks her heart to witness his pain when Aida shuts down the Framework bit by bit, eventually deleting Hope's program, effectively ripping her from her father's arm into digital nothingness. - Diana

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