17 Cute Color-Conscious Couples

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For some of these couples, the color of their skin may have been a problem for some of their families, but that never got in the way of their feelings for one another. 

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Below are some of our favorite interracial relationships.

Who is your favorite?

1. Barry and Iris - The Flash

Barry and Iris - The Flash
Barry and Iris met in childhood and while it took a while for Iris to reciprocate his feelings, they married in the The Flash’s fourth season.

2. Chidi and Eleanor - The Good Place

Chidi and Eleanor - The Good Place
Chidi and Eleanor were placed as soulmates in The Good Place’s pilot episode, and quickly developed a strong bond when they realized Eleanor was there incorrectly. Chidi helped her become a better person and they eventually fell in love. Multiple times.

3. Olivia and Fitz - Scandal

Olivia and Fitz - Scandal
Olivia meets Fitz during his presidential campaign and although he is married, the two have an intense attraction toward each other that leads to much more.

4. Shawn and Angela - Boy Meets World

Shawn and Angela - Boy Meets World
Shawn had always been the fun, less committal friend next to Cory and Topanga, but when he is introduced to Topanga’s friend Angela, everything seemed to change. She seemed to be the one person that Shawn wanted to fight for against all odds.

5. Michael and Jane - Jane the Virgin

Michael and Jane - Jane the Virgin
These two have quite the history. They started the show in a two year relationship, broke up, got back together, got married, he supposedly died and then tried again for two minutes. In the end, Michael will always be Jane’s first love and their chemistry has no bounds.

6. Stef and Lena - The Fosters

Stef and Lena - The Fosters
Lena was always more sure of her sexuality while Stef was once married to Mike, but once these two met, everything changed. They adopted four children, brought Stef’s son from her first marriage into their family and later married.

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