17 Devious Home Wreckers

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Home wreckers have been around on TV for as long as drama series have.

They come in various different forms and they all have a common goal: they want to the attention of their victims all for themselves.

How do the stakes change when the family of their conquest is revealed? It doesn't. it just makes them even more irresistible to the home wrecker.

Have a look through the gallery we have compiled of some of the most memorable home wreckers on TV.


1. Carrie - Homeland

Carrie - Homeland
Carrie was crazy, and not just for Brody! She was obsessed with him on so many levels and she even shared some raunchy scenes with him as she tried to prove he wasn't who he claimed to be.

2. Rafael Solano - Jane The Virgin

Rafael Solano - Jane The Virgin
Rafael sprung into action to secure the love of Jane The Virgin, his baby mama. Yes, Jane was artificially inseminated and was engaged to some other guy. I think it's fair to say there was A LOT of back and forth.

3. Edie Britt - Desperate Housewives

Edie Britt - Desperate Housewives
Edie was the definition of Desperate Housewife. Every time a new guy moved into the neighborhood, Edie would embed her claws into him and pull him her way. Married? That doesn't faze her. Just look at poor Susan Meyer who had her husband stolen from her.

4. Lydia Davis - Revenge

Lydia Davis - Revenge
Lydia Davis was an opportunist. I don't believe she had feelings for Conrad Grayson. She wanted to replace his wife Victoria Grayson and reign over the Hamptons and get into the Grayson Global gravy train.

5. Ben Crawford - Secrets & Lies

Ben Crawford - Secrets & Lies
Ben had a wonderful family, but it never stopped him from having some steamy encounters with his neighbor, Jess. Let's just say that as much as he would like his wife to believe, it happened more than once and it was HOT.

6. Joss - Mistresses

Joss - Mistresses
How would you feel if a sibling got down and dirty with your significant other? Yes, Joss went there and things got steamy, but Savi won't be anywhere near when the show returns. Her home is most certainly wrecked.

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