17 Fierce Females on TV

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We can never get enough of fierce women on television!

This is by no means a complete list, but one that represents a wide range of diversified shows across the viewing spectrum. We have dramatic bombshells, funny ladies, police women, attorneys and women who are have been tasked with keeping the free world free (or entertaining a man who does the job; it takes all kinds!).

These women kick ass. They love hard. They're warriors and fixers. They're at the forefront of their fields.

And they set a strong example across the television dial, from The Good Wife (available on Amazon Prime!) to Orphan Black (also available on Amazon Prime!) to The Americans (also available on Amazon Prime!).

We've also included Jeffrey Tambor's groundbreaking character from Transparent, an Amazon original you need to watch on Prime right now.

Sit back and appreciate their awesomeness now:

1. Sharon Raydor -- Major Crimes

Sharon Raydor -- Major Crimes
As the lead of Major Crimes, Sharon can't take any guff from her squad as her decisions quite often mean life and death. She doesn't need a man to be successful at her job or a wonderful mother. She's fierce just the way she is.

2. Octavia Blake - The 100

Octavia Blake - The 100
Octavia Blake brings a new meaning to the word "ferocity." Not only did homegirl grow up under the freaking floor most of her life, she then became a total warrior princess on the ground, kicking ass on a regular basis. Fierce doesn't even begin to describe her.

3. Elizabeth Jennings -- The Americans

Elizabeth Jennings -- The Americans
Elizabeth has been sruggling to marry the two different sides of her existence, her old home and the new life in which she's raising her children. She's a fighter, both physically and emotionally, and will what she needs to do to protect what she loves.

4. Sarah -- Orphan Black

Sarah -- Orphan Black
Once Sarah discovered she was a clone, she did everything she could to round up the rest of her sisters and fight valiantly to keep them together. She's about to retrace the steps of the first, Beth, to join with an enemy for even more answers. She won't stop until they're all safe.

5. Olivia Pope -- Scandal

Olivia Pope -- Scandal
Olivia is a fixer. She gets the best clients, has the best entrances and exits, drinks the best wine (usually red, while wearing white clothing, no less), kisses the best guys and wears the best clothes. Even when she cries she looks damn good doing it. What's not fierce about that?

6. Jessica Pearson -- Suits

Jessica Pearson -- Suits
Jessica is the true constant at the law firm on Suits. She has seen partners come and go and she deals with all of the crap that ebbs and flows as they do. She's not afraid to make a decision, even the most difficult, except when it comes to her love life. She really needs to get a serious one and soon. Her most fierce aspect? Her fashion sense. Damn, that woman has style!

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