17 Quickie Weddings Done in the Name of Love

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Weddings are highly anticipated TV events. They are the reward for watching our favorite couples pine, fight and overcome all obstacles on the road to true love. Since we spend a lot of time of energy and rooting for them, we naturally want their weddings to be elaborate celebrations of love shared with all of our favorite characters.

Some couples oblige us. They plan out their wedding throughout an entire season and

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have a show-stopping ceremony and reception in the finale. These are not those couples. They are the couples who married in a hurry. 

Some of these couples tried planning a wedding, but it was derailed. Others had so many hangups, they couldn't make up their mind until it was almost too late. All of them realized they loved each other so much, they refused to wait a single minute longer to tie the knot.    

1. Richard/Emily - Gilmore Girls

Richard/Emily - Gilmore Girls
High society weddings don't come together on a whim -- unless you're Richard and Emily Gilmore. To celebrate the end to their dark days of separation, they planned a classy, elegant vow renewal ceremony with reception to follow at the Windsor Club's Rose Room (which can fit a twenty-piece orchestra) in a week.

2. Magnus/Alec - Shadowhunters

Magnus/Alec - Shadowhunters
Magnus is always right. Who needs months of planning when your wedding planner is a warlock, and all you need is a little magic, exquisite taste, and the man you've been waiting for your entire life.

3. Bernadette/Howard - The Big Bang Theory

Bernadette/Howard - The Big Bang Theory
Bernadette and Howard were planning a big wedding only to have it disrupted when Howard got a call to board a rocket. With the gang's help, Bernadette and Howard had an impromptu rooftop ceremony, and Howard Wolowitz went to outer space a married man.

4. Blake/Cristal - Dynasty

Blake/Cristal - Dynasty
Fallon didn't take the news of her father remarrying very well and tried to break up Blake and Cristal. Her efforts backfired. Blake transformed their engagement party into a wedding. Cristal got her wish of walking down the aisle to David Bowie's "Modern Love," and Fallon got the kiss off.

5. William/Daisy - Downton Abbey

William/Daisy - Downton Abbey
William loved Daisy, and everybody at Downton Abbey loved William. The downstairs staff, Lady Edith, and the Dowager Countess herself moved heaven and earth to make his dying wish of marrying her come true.

6. Castle/Beckett - Castle

Castle/Beckett - Castle
Instead of the beautiful, elaborate wedding Caskett fans wanted to see, Castle and Beckett had a lackluster, quickie wedding ceremony without their friends set against a badly green-screened sunset. At least the vows were good.

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