17 Quickie Weddings Done in the Name of Love

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7. Marshall/Lily - How I Met Your Mother

Marshall/Lily - How I Met Your Mother
Marshall and Lily had not one but three quickie weddings. First, they eloped to Atlantic City and found a sea captain to marry them. The second time was an intimate, outdoor ceremony in the midst of the big, elaborate wedding they planned falling apart. Seasons later they renewed their vows right before Barney and Robin's wedding.

8. Nathan/Haley - One Tree Hill

Nathan/Haley - One Tree Hill
Were you as shocked as Lucas when you heard Nathan and Haley went from exes to newlyweds within the span of one episode?

9. Daphne/Niles - Frasier

Daphne/Niles - Frasier
Learning her parents were divorcing tested Daphne's faith in love. Niles' efforts to keep her parents together didn't work out. They did make Daphne realize she didn't want to live another moment without being Mrs. Niles Crane.

10. Phillip/Elizabeth - The Americans

Phillip/Elizabeth - The Americans
It took years before Phillip and Elizabeth were finally ready to make their marriage real. Once the decision was made, they went straight to a warehouse where a priest married them in a traditional Orthodox ceremony.

11. Wade/Zoey - Hart of Dixie

Wade/Zoey - Hart of Dixie
The status of Wade and Zoey's relationship changes from episode to episode. They're hot; they're cold. Unsurprisingly it took Zoey going into labor to make her discover she couldn't wait any longer to marry him. Fortunately, the citizens of Bluebell were already present and ready to help Zade get married before the baby was born.

12. April/Andy - Parks and Recreation

April/Andy - Parks and Recreation
April and Andy had only been dating for a month when they decided to spring a surprise wedding on their friends. Leslie didn't take the news well and tried to stop it. Then she saw April walk down the aisle, the two of them exchange vows, and she knew they were meant to be.

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