17 Thanksgiving Dinners We'll Never Forget

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Thanksgiving is almost here and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to reminisce about some of our favorite Thanksgiving dinners!

Some were bad, some were good; others were good because they were so bad. All of them cemented themselves in television history as staples for Thanksgiving viewing.

From the awkward to the over-the-top, here are some of our favorite memorable Thanksgiving meals!

1. You Just Got Slapped, How I Met Your Mother

You Just Got Slapped, How I Met Your Mother
On, "Slapsgiving," the countdown was on for Barney to receive one of the five slaps he had earned after losing a bet about whether or not Robin was in a porn movie. (She was just a Canadian pop-star!) Throughout dinner, Barney panics about Marshall’s every movie, waiting for the slap. Meanwhile Robin, who has just broken up with Ted, has brought a date to Thanksgiving dinner and he’s just a little older, but Ted sees him as an old man throughout the evening. After Barney finally receives his slap, Marshall leads the gang in the lovely tune, “You Just Got Slapped.” Everybody saw it, and everybody laughed and clapped.

2. She Gives Good Parent, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

She Gives Good Parent, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
On "My First Thanksgiving with Josh!," Rebecca is invited to the big Filipino feast, and she’s determined to give “good parent” to Josh’s parents and make them love her more than they love his current girlfriend, Valencia. Filipino food doesn’t agree with Rebecca and she lands herself in the bathroom, where she has to decide between pooping or listening to Josh have sex with Valencia. Maybe she should have just flown to New York and watched the dog show with her mother.

3. A Braverman Family Thanksgiving, Parenthood

A Braverman Family Thanksgiving, Parenthood
Wouldn’t we all want to spend Thanksgiving with the Braverman clan? On "Happy Thanksgiving," Adam is stressed out, Julia just wants to make a good pie, Sarah just had a big fight with her boss/boyfriend, and Crosby is desperately trying to impress his girlfriend’s mom. After an awkward prayer at the dinner table, dinner goes off without a hitch, and the Braverman kids find themselves dancing in the kitchen, once again, making us all wish our families were this functional.

4. Jack Tells His Mom He's Gay, Will & Grace

Jack Tells His Mom He's Gay, Will & Grace
It’s hard to believe, but Jack STILL hasn’t told his family that he’s gay! On "Homo for the Holidays," when Jack discovers that his mother is coming for Thanksgiving, he asks his friends to help him with his straight charade. Will, Grace, and Karen all think that he needs to come clean about his sexuality. It turns out that Jack’s mother has a secret of her own to share at dinner…Jack’s father isn’t who he thinks he is!

5. Hanksgiving, New Girl

Hanksgiving, New Girl
Jess really likes Paul, so she invites him to spend Thanksgiving with the gang on, "Thanksgiving." She gets the last turkey in America, names it Hank, and then realizes that she has no idea how to cook a turkey. She enlists Schmidt’s help in making Thanksgiving a little more sexy, but the gang ends up smoked out of their apartment. It’s no problem though, because Jess has a key to the neighbor’s apartment. They prepare the feast there and are ready to have a great meal together…until Paul finds their neighbor dead in the bathroom. This goes down as not only the most memorable dinner on New Girl, but also as one of the best installments the series has ever had.

6. Food Fight at Carla's, Cheers

Food Fight at Carla's, Cheers
When Diane discovers that many members of the Cheers family don’t have plans for Thanksgiving, she suggests that they all spend the holiday having dinner at Carla’s new home on, "Thanksgiving Orphans." The gang agrees, and plans to have the best Thanksgiving ever, complete with an appearance by Vera, Norm’s never-seen wife. Naturally, the dinner doesn’t quite go as planned, and a food fight ensues, and just as the audience is FINALLY about to get a good look at Vera, she takes a pie to the face.

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