18 Most Memorable Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians— So Far

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7. They Playin My Jam

They Playin My Jam
Kim recorded a song with The Dream to raise money for charity, but it would be hard to believe if “Jam (Turn It Up)” made any real money for those in need.

8. Runaway Chicken

Runaway Chicken
Kris hired a nutritionist who suggested the Kardashians needed chickens for fresh eggs. It ended up being more work than Kris expected, and it’s safe to say the chicken coop was short lived.

9. Don’t Be Effing Rude

Don’t Be Effing Rude
The first big family fight captured by E!’s cameras took place after Kim accused Khloe of being jealous of her new Bentley. It turned physical when Kim showed up with her purse swinging.

10. It’s Me, Todd Kraines!

It’s Me, Todd Kraines!
Throughout the years, Scott pranked called Kris and pretended to be Kardashian family friend Todd Kraines. It’s hard to explain why it was always so funny (they eventually confessed), but it just was.

11. You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie

You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie
Fresh off her sex tape scandal, Kim struggled with the decision to do a cover for Playboy or not. Kris supported the idea from the beginning.. and during the shoot when her daughter was dressed in nothing but pearls.

12. Meet Natashha

Meet Natashha
It is hard to forget the horrified look on Mason’s face when Kim showed up in a red wig calling herself Natashha.

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