19 Ladies Who Tamed TV's Bad Boys

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We've heard all about TV's Bad Boys. 

We all know exactly who they are and how sexy it is to fall in love with a bad boy.

But let's talk about the amazing ladies that tame the wild men. The ladies who charm them, show them kindness, and teach them how to be great guys. 

Here are just a few of those amazing ladies and how they made a bad boy go good! 

Don't see your favorite? Add them in the comments section! 

1. Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time
Captain Hook was a pirate, living by his own code, never caring for anyone around him. That is, until he became captivated by the savior, Emma Swan. Her initial dismissal of him forced him to take a look at himself and find something in him that Emma would be attracted to. It turns out, Emma didn’t really change anything about Killian Jones, but her feelings for him unlocked the loving and heroic side of this one-time villain who eventually stole her heart.

2. Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
Logan Huntzberger benefitted greatly from his romance with the youngest Gilmore. She was the first girl to make him settle down, she stood by his side when he nearly died skydiving, and they successfully navigated a long-distance relationship. In fact, when we last saw Logan he was breaking up with Rory because SHE wasn’t ready for marriage. This is one guy truly went good for a Gilmore.

3. Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
Who better to tame a bad boy than a bad girl? While Chuck played games with Blair, she could easily one-up him, something that he only became more attracted to. While their road to walking down the aisle was full of devious twists and turns, they finally settled down together, and at the very least, dropped their bad behavior when together. But the rest of the world? We’re sure they’re messing with anyone who gets in their way, together.

4. Joey Potter, Dawson's Creek

Joey Potter, Dawson's Creek
Joey and Dawson made sense. Best friends, movie buffs, and they both shared the same enormous vocabulary that no teenager ACTUALLY has. When she caught the eye of Pacey Witter, classic screw up, there was no denying their chemical and emotional attraction. Pacey went from being the guy who slept with his English teacher to being an unrealistic expectation for girls everywhere as his romance with Joey truly made him a changed man.

5. Taylor Townsend, The O.C.

Taylor Townsend, The O.C.
After his tumultuous romance with bad girl Marissa Cooper ended, Ryan Atwood was in a dark place, ready to fall off the map, which wasn’t great news for those who loved the Chino bad-boy. But Taylor stuck by Ryan, being his friend and the strong presence in his life when he needed it most. She had her own things to deal with, like an awful ex-husband who was literally ruining her life, but she and Ryan stuck together, and the friends would soon become much more than that, their mature romance bringing out the best in them both. This insecure girl fixed a very broken man, and herself in the process.

6. Zoe Hart, Hart of Dixie

Zoe Hart, Hart of Dixie
This doctor was the cure for broken Bluebellian, Wade Kinsella! She moved to Alabama to become a better doctor but in the process, she made the town playboy a better man. Wade fell hard for Zoe, and dropped his immature player ways to win her heart, eventually becoming a successful businessman and suitor for the New York City transplant.

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