19 TV Twists No One Saw Coming This Season

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The twists on TV shows went into overdrive this season.  

The reason? To keep fans interested enough to watch all the way through May sweeps. 

The TV Fanatic staff rounds up the best twists of the last few months for you. 

1. Into The Badlands - Expanding World

Into The Badlands - Expanding World
On Into the Badlands, we saw Bajie make it to a mysterious tower, and use the book and compass to jump start the Azra storyline, giving us a cliffhanger like no other. It opens up an entire new world into the show, which will keep us theorizing all summer. - Ron

2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The Framework

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The Framework
The framework on Agents of SHIELD. The LMD storyline started off slow, but kicked into high gear once Daisy and Simmons entered the virtual reality to rescue their friends. Turning the show into Agents of Hybrid breathed fresh air into the plot and the characters. We saw how their lives could be different with the tiniest of changes. Seeing Ward and Tripp again brought a nostalgic feel to the show and it was fun seeing Fitz's dark side. - Mandy

3. Scandal - Dark Olivia

Scandal - Dark Olivia
Dark Olivia on Scandal. It's fair to say that she abandoned the white hat a while ago and has been slowly wading into the gray area. Yet, it still came as a surprise that after years spent trying to destroy her father and B-613, she's ready to take it over. Bring on bad girl, Liv! - Jasmine

4. Gotham - Bruce Wayne Clone vs. Cat Girl

Gotham - Bruce Wayne Clone vs. Cat Girl
Bruce Wayne Clone vs. Cat Girl on Gotham: Cats land on their feet, right? When the Bruce Clone comes clean with Selina in order to get her to leave before the city falls, he doesn't expect her to turn against him. Faced with the possibility of being unmasked, he shoves her out a fourth-floor window, a fall that should've killed her and reminiscent of Michelle Pfeiffer's fall into super villainy in Batman Returns. With the cats that gather round her fallen form and Poison Ivy's botanical aid, it still remains to be seen how changed Ms. Kyle really is. - Diana

5. Arrow - Slade Not Betraying Oliver

Arrow - Slade Not Betraying Oliver
I have to hand it to the writers of Arrow for this little gem from the finale. Many fans were certain that Oliver asking Slade Wilson for help saving his family and friends would end with Slade inevitably betraying Ollie. Last time we saw Slade, after all, he was still ranting about revenge and making Oliver suffer, after all. So who would've expected the audacity of Slade betraying Oliver not once, but twice in the finale -- and been faking it both times? - Kathleen

6. Jane the Virgin - Three Years Later

Jane the Virgin - Three Years Later
Jane the Virgin jumping three years into the future immediately after Michael's death was so startling, but a brilliant way to keep the show moving forward without watching Jane spend months grieving in her bed. The time jump has provided some interesting new directions for the characters. Time jumps can be risky, but so far Jane the Virgin has pulled it off. - Amanda

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