Summer TV Awards: Mr. Robot Rules All!

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13. Best Romance

Best Romance
On UnREAL Rachel and Adam came together under the most crazy of circumstances and straight off the bat, us at home saw them as a romantic pairing, before even the show took that route. The chemistry between Freddie Stroma and Shiri Appleby was off the charts and we couldn't help but root for them. Sure, they weren't the nicest of people, but they sure were nice to look at. It just sucks that Freddie Stroma probably won't have time to return to the show since he's moving to Westeros and all that jazz.

14. Worst Finale

Worst Finale
Oh yay! It's True Detective again. Seeing Frank limp off into the afterlife was really something to behold. OK, so it really wasn't something to behold. Nor was the rest of the finale. Didn't we say the same about the entire second season?

15. Best Kiss

Best Kiss
Despite the manifold shortcomings with the show, Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have amazing chemistry, so when Molly and JD kiss, sparks fly on Extant!

16. Best Fight

Best Fight
On Suits, Harvey and Louis have been at each other's throats for years. They have been simmering just below boil and after Donna started working for Louis and Harvey slept with Louis' sister, it reached the boiling point. A real fight ensued, and it was heartbreaking. Harvey PUNCHED Louis and everything. We managed to capture the moment, slo-mo style. Ugly, right?

17. Best Import

Best Import
Set in 1700s Cornwall, Poldark is based on books by Winston Graham. The writing is great, the actors are fantastic and the scenery is gorgeous. It shows human struggles during that time, the danger of taking risks and a dash of romance. If the Bronte sisters were hired to write a high production value soap opera, Poldark would be the result. If you want steamy romances, family feuds, an amoral upper class, and a shirtless Aidan Turner out on the moors, Poldark is for you.

18. Biggest Tearjerker

Biggest Tearjerker
On a show dealing with cancer, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when a character succumbs to the illness. When Chasing Life tackled Leo’s sudden death, however, viewers were left stunned. After all, he and his wife April had just walked down the aisle the week before, and had an entire (albeit, tentative) future ahead of them. Watching as April realized that her new groom lay dead next to her in bed was heart wrenching and the biggest tearjerker of summer television.

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