21 Reasons We Applaud Outlander Season 2

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Is there anything Outlander Season 2 didn't have?

From stunning fashions to the most brutal scenes of vengeance, the Starz series ran the gamut of visual elegance and emotional turmoil.

We're taking time to revisit some of the most memorable moments from the Scottish Highlands and the streets of Paris.

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1. Back to the Future

Back to the Future
The premiere of Outlander was a surprise. Even more of one if you read the books, apparently, because it didn't start at the appropriate place in the future. The season itself was bookended in the future, and I think you either loved it or hated it. I love how it was done.

2. Frank's Reaction

Frank's Reaction
Getting to know Frank and what he thought about Claire being back, being pregnant and having a time travel adventure was far more satisfying than I would have expected. Tobias Menzies brought Frank to life with as much vigor as he did Black Jack Randall, and even hinted at the anger that was felt in his family line. It was only one episode, but it was very important for the story.

3. The Plan(s)

The Plan(s)
Claire and Jamie were in Paris to stop the Jacobite rising from a different angle, by cutting off the funding. They had a lot of different plans along the way, including a faux-pestilence that would mean the ruin of a lot of good wine (don't fret, it would still be poured and savored eventually). They inadvertently made a lot of enemies along the way, but going in, they thought they were on top of the world and looked at things humorously.

4. Louise

Claire made a new friend in Louise de Rohan. She's fearless, outspoken and with friends in high, and low, places. She knows all the fashion trends and introduces Claire and Mary to things far out of their realm of thinking. I (regretfully) was ready to write her off as a superficial friend, but she proved herself beyond measure.

5. Fergus

While Claire and Jamie were actively trying to have a child of their own blood, they also stumbled upon the adorable Fergus. He had no family of his own, and even if Jamie sort of brought him home to spite Claire (maybe I'm wrong, but it seemed that way), by the end of the season, they loved him as much as if Claire had given birth to him herself.

6. L'Hôpital des Anges (And the Little Dog, Too)

L'Hôpital des Anges (And the Little Dog, Too)
Claire needed something to do with her free time in Paris, and discovered a local charity hospital was the perfect outlet. She worked side by side with Mother Hildegarde, not only learning their ways, but sharing hers to cure the sick. She was amazed at what a little dog could do to detect infections, and he even came to her aid when she most needed the help.

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