25 Best Delena Moments

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Nina Dobrev is leaving on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 22, guys.

As much as we all want to believe it isn't true, this is a thing that is definitely happening. If the closing moments from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 are any indication, Elena Gilbert might be saying a permanent goodbye to Mystic Falls and those she loves, including Damon Salvatore.

Actually, she won't be saying goodbye to them so much as they'll be saying goodbye to her. After Kai's appearance at Jo and Alaric's wedding, Elena's life hangs in the balance.

In order to prepare for Dobrev's exit, we thought it time to take a look at the 25 best Delena moments from the past six seasons. Grab some tissues, sit back, and enjoy. It's been a wild ride.

1. Elena & Damon

Elena & Damon
Damon returned to Mystic Falls with the intent of bringing back Katherine, but instead he found Elena, the same beauty with all of the good qualities he sought in love. Their chemistry is smoking hot and they forgive each other above all else. Damon has humanity and Elena feels free when they're together. That's magical.

2. The Dance

The Dance
THIS! This moment goes down as the one where Damon and Elena became Delena. When Stefan was trying not to go full ripper, Damon stepped in and shared a dance with Elena so she wouldn't be alone at Miss Mystic Falls and the look shared between them was so intense we felt it in our living rooms.

3. Frenemies First

Frenemies First
Before Damon and Elena were lovers, they were definitely frenemies. He was enamored with her. She was taken by him, even when she was dating his brother. The chemistry between these two was there long before they shared their first kiss.

4. The Balcony Scene

The Balcony Scene
Remember when Elena Gilbert FINALLY went after Damon Salvatore on the balcony of the crappy motel they spent the night in when she and Damon roadtripped to Colorado to bring Jeremy home? Her brother was disgusted to find her making out with a mass murderer, but Delena shipper hearts were pounding loudly during the super hot moment.

5. Sexy Delena

Sexy Delena
The hotness continued as Damon and Elena progressed from friends to couple. Even if she was sired to him, Elena knew she loved Damon and we all knew it too. There was just too much smoking hot chemistry between them for there to be any other reason they were together.

6. A Heart to Heart

A Heart to Heart
Damon and Elena's relationship is super hot between the sheets, but it's also super sweet when they talk like a regular couple. They aren't perfect, but they love each other no matter what. In her final moments as a vampire, Elena promised she would love Damon once she was human and he vowed, again, that he wanted to take the cure with her.

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