27 Most Annoying TV Characters of 2018

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7. Jackson Avery - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Avery - Grey's Anatomy
Jackson is the definition of #boydrama. His character turned into a self-involved jerk who doesn't treat his relationship with respect. Firstly, he sends Maggie a text to say that he's leaving (seriously, a text!), and then when he returns, he talks to other women instead of her even though they were together. Jackson, just look how far you've fallen.

8. Grace Stone - Manifest

Grace Stone - Manifest
Where do we even start with Grace? An entire airplane of people return from the dead, but all she does is make the situation about herself. She acts like she's the only one affected by this mystery, even though her husband, son, and sister-in-law were all on the plane. Instead of letting her family adjust, she treated her husband like he's crazy and kicked him out of the house when all he tried to do was protect them. Grace is the embodiment of hypocrisy, especially with all her secrets and affair weighing her down.

9. Andy Herrera - Station 19

Andy Herrera - Station 19
Andy's road to likability is a long journey. She loves basking in her own success, but she doesn't support others when they have their moment in the sun. Andy acted entitled to the captain role while also lording it over her supposed friends; that attitude was not the way to go. And what was with her whining about Maya? Her friend supported her throughout everything; she should've shown her friend the same courtesy when it was Maya's moment to shine.

10. Guinevere Beck - YOU

Guinevere Beck - YOU
Beck is the perfect example of that horror movie victim you yell at the screen to stop making bad moves. She blatantly ignored glaring warning signs about the toxic people in her life in favor of being the center of attention. Joe and Peach were obsessed sociopaths who manipulated Beck, but she lapped up the attention and sought their approval. What's worse was that even with two people seeking her focus, she still lied to them, indulged in her own wants and affairs, and turned every situation into being about herself.

11. Bob Armstrong - Insatiable

Bob Armstrong - Insatiable
Insatiable is a complicated show that balanced between being a dark comedy and offensive. But, it was Bob that took the cake. He was not shy about the fact that he manipulated a teenage girl into fulfilling his pageant dreams, and he used her feelings to get what he wanted. To make matters worse, Bob complained a lot and made offensive remarks about many things, from obesity to bisexuality.

12. Heather Chandler - Heathers

Heather Chandler - Heathers
The infamous Heather Chandler was like a rumor that wouldn't go away. Her dark comedy veered from its intended purpose to become nothing more than just grating and shallow. She only ever focused on herself and kept getting her way, even when we begged karma to deliver some major payback.

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