27 Of The Most Seductive Serial Killers On TV

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Serial killers have long been a thing of fascination for a lot of people, and judging by the sheer amount of shows that focus on this sub-genre, it seems like this is a morbid curiosity that isn't going away anytime soon.

For us, trying to stomach all that violence and sadism can be difficult at times. Thankfully, some casting directors, in their infinite wisdom, came up with a perfect solution -- sexy killers. Yeah, that's right. Everything is a little bit more watchable when the person doing it is extremely attractive.

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To that end, we searched far and wide, and sifted through a lot of shows to put together a list of 27 individuals who are, without question, the most seductive serial killers in the history of TV!! Feel free to get in on the action by letting us know which smoking hot murderer we didn't include that you believe deserves a spot.

1. Norman Bates (Bates Motel)

Norman Bates (Bates Motel)
His personal life is the stuff of nightmares and his grip on reality is tenuous at best, but on the outside, this is one killer who can charm anyone with that adorable face. If you do visit him, remember to always knock before you enter. I don't think he'll take kindly to you walking in while he's in the middle of wearing a dress and psyching himself up for his transformation into "Mother".

2. Paul Spector (The Fall)

Paul Spector (The Fall)
A regular, mild-mannered guy who works as a bereavement counselor. That means he's a good listener, maybe too good a listener because he will murder you in your sleep if the chance presents itself. The thing is, when he looks like that, not a lot of people would object.

3. Elaine Shepard (Rellik)

Elaine Shepard (Rellik)
After surviving horrific abuse as a child, she grew up to be a cop who exploited her position as an officer of the law to identify her victims. Being a Police officer aside, how can anyone suspect her of such evil deeds when she basically looks like an angel with a bob cut.

4. Robbie Womack (Frequency)

Robbie Womack (Frequency)
Like a lot of his "murdery" peers and his father before him, something went terribly wrong during Robbie's childhood and he became unhinged right from a tender age. Good thing for us he grew up to be such a looker because, under the right circumstances, we'd definitely let him bind our wrists with a Rosary.

5. Piper Shaw (Scream)

Piper Shaw (Scream)
The smart, unassuming host of a popular podcast who decided to follow in the footsteps of her father. It didn't take much convincing to get her boyfriend on her side. She probably appealed to his inner demons or something, but we're pretty sure that's not the only reason he joined her.

6. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)

Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
He is cool, calm and immaculately dressed at all times. He'll invite you over for dinner, but chances are you're going to be on the menu as well, and we don't mean that in a sexual way at all even if a lot of people wished we did.

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