27 Shows That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart!

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7. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven
Controversy aside, The Camdens led by Reverend Camden are one of the most memorable TV families ever. For 11 seasons this religious family grew, evolved, and faced many of life's obstacles together. The Camden kids were no different than any other kids and had a host of issues. The family expanded often as they took in those in need. There was a lesson to be learned and an issue to reevaluate every installment. It's a truly beautiful series.

8. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
All the people behind Grey's Anatomy over its 15-year tenure are masters at manipulating the hell out of fans' emotions. Whether you tuned in from the original airdate or caught up along the way, no one is spared from the emotional rollercoaster ride that is this series. Love, loss, sex, and medicine is the name of the game, and Grey's Anatomy leaves you emotionally scarred and down a dozen beloved characters, but it also keeps you coming back for more.

9. Touched By An Angel

Touched By An Angel
Whether you considered yourself religious/spiritual or not, there was something about Touched By An Angel that attracted all types of individuals. It was a beautiful series where fans followed Monica, a young angel who with the help of her mentor Tess took on individual cases and renewed the faith of troubled humans. The most emotional episodes involved Andrew, the Angel of Death, as he came to guide some individuals to heaven. It's a total sobfest in the best way.

10. 9-1-1

While the series is known for outrageous scenarios and ludicrous drama, there is so much more to this series. It's just as much of, if not more a character study of the men and women who suit up and brave dangers every day including the gatekeeper between people in need and those who can help. We see the toll the job takes on these heroes, the personal issues they face in addition to that, and the friendship that is more like family. Yes, the series is exciting, but it is also gut-wrenching and heartwarming too.

11. Early Edition

Early Edition
Before God Friended Me, Kevin (Probably), and Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler was driven to do good deeds, spread kindness, and save people with the help of an early edition of the daily newspaper and a cat. In addition to that, it was a love letter to Chicago before the Chicago franchise too. There is something heartwarming about ordinary individuals, often reluctantly, becoming heroes.

12. Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire
There is an entire Chicago franchise now, but none of them will ever come close to being as emotional as the original, Chicago Fire. Whether it's how often station 51 fights to stay together because they are a family, or it's the number of times they have lost one of their own, or it's emotional calls they are sent to, of which some of them end badly, there are so many ways this series will tug at your heartstrings or make you sob uncontrollably.

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