27 TV Characters Who Would Host a Mean Dinner Party

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They say food is the way to a man's heart, but I'd say food is the way to anyone's heart. 

TV characters have been using their culinary skills to win me over for years now. 

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to reach into the screen and grab whatever dish they were cooking. 

Food brings people together, and there's nothing like bonding over a good meal, especially during the holidays when everything revolves around dinner... and Black Friday shopping.

If it's Thanksgiving, we want to be invited to the houses below.

1. Gabi Diamond - Young & Hungry

Gabi Diamond - Young & Hungry
Gabi Diamond is a spunky, ambitious and self-taught young chef who scores the gig of a lifetime whipping up meals for tech billionaire Josh Kaminski. There isn't a problem in Josh's life that Gabi can't fix with her Julia Child-inspired comfort food.

On the Menu: Gabi's famous grilled cheese and stuffed mushrooms with garlic, eggplant, and fresh grated parmesan.

2. Monica Geller - Friends

Monica Geller - Friends
Chef Monica has scored the title "queen of Friendsgiving." Throughout the series’ ten season run, Monica has cooked up a storm, hosted plenty of parties and laid out massive holiday spreads. Sure, over the years, the sous chef improved the Thanksgiving menu, but we'd still gobble up the mac and cheese she made Chandler for their first Thanksgiving.

On the Menu: Mac N Cheese, a variety of potatoes, mockolate deserts, roast turkey, stuffing, yams with marshmallows in concentric circles, cranberry sauce, "amazing" vegetarian stuffing and generous pours of red wine.

3. Sookie St. James - Gilmore Girls

Sookie St. James - Gilmore Girls
The Gilmore gals love to eat so it's a good thing they have Sookie around because she loves to cook. She's the executive chef at the Independence Inn and later, the co-owner and head chef at the Dragonfly Inn where she whips up mind-boggling food creations and even scraps and redoes whole menus at the last minute.

On the Menu: Deep fried turkey with all the trimmings!

4. Red - OITNB

Red, the Fiery Russian, runs the kitchen at Litchfield and doesn't let the fact that she's in prison or that she's scant on resources hinder her creativity in any way. Have you ever met anyone who tried to cook a full Thanksgiving meal on a tight budget? I'm talking $1.05 per prisoner. And she did it well. Just imagine what she could do with quality ingredients that she isn't growing out of the prison garden.

On the Menu: Handmade creamy corn and leek quiche, golden corn on the cob from the garden, turkey and pumpkin pie. Sorry, no gravy.

5. Pacey Witter - Dawson's Creek

Pacey Witter - Dawson's Creek
Pacey is a chef at a fancy and pricey restaurant so he can cook up just about anything that your heart desires. And his meals tend to make things at the dinner table a little less awkward with every bite.

On the Menu: A Thanksgiving Dinner that you'll probably have to eat at the restaurant cause he's busy cooking.

6. Mrs. Patmore - Downton Abbey

Mrs. Patmore - Downton Abbey
The lavish meals on Downton Abbey don't just cook themselves. Mrs. Patmore is the head cook who takes great pride in her cooking, even ordering around her assistant cook, Daisy.

On the Menu: Kedgeree.

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