31 of the Finest Gentlemen on Television

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Not every gentleman on television is a James Bond in training. Some may be upstanding citizens living their life with honor, respect, and dignity. Others might not lead such an honest life, but their charm, sense of style, and good manners make them quite desirable.

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Whether it's a bad guy or a good guy, fine gentlemen can be found all over the television dial.

Here are 37 men we think define the meaning of a true gentleman.

1. Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods

Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods
Poised and dignified, Frank Reagan is the ultimate gentleman. Who can resist a dedicated family man with a sexy mustache to boot?

2. Lucius Fox - Gotham

Lucius Fox - Gotham
Lucius Fox is, perhaps, the only true gentleman you'll ever find in a city as corrupt as Gotham. He's gracious, smart and handsome to boot maintaining his soft-spoken demeanor even when he's being challenged by the city's most notorious brainiac villain -- The Riddler.

3. Amenadiel - Lucifer

Amenadiel - Lucifer
Charming in every way, Amenadiel is the kind of guy you'd want by your side at any occasion. Sure, he's an angel, but that only adds a special dimension to his gentlemanly ways.

4. Captain Avery - Lethal Weapon

Captain Avery - Lethal Weapon
Calm, cool, and collected are the best ways to describe LAPD's finest gentleman. Even when tasked with overseeing the craziness of Riggs and Murtaugh, Captain Avery exudes charm.

5. Prince Philip - The Crown

Prince Philip - The Crown
Dashing good looks are only part of Prince Philip's charm. Being the husband of the Queen of England can't be easy, but it doesn't stop him from being a true English gentleman.

6. Richard Castle - Castle

Richard Castle - Castle
Castle knows what it means to treat a lady right, whether it's his mother, daughter, or the love of his life, Detective Beckett. He enjoys a fine wine, a good dinner (which he'll gladly prepare), and good conversation. He may not be the most mature gentleman on television, but he's proved over and over again that being good-natured and genuine goes a long way in building lasting relationships.

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