33 Couples Who Were Robbed of Their Endgame

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If you're an avid TV watcher, it's almost impossible not to have that one ship that deserved better. No matter what the circumstance was, that couple should've ended up together yet they didn't.

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In fact, we can think of a lot more than one couple that we wish had a different ending than they got.

Check out 33 couples below that were robbed of their endgame! 

1. Scott and Allison - Teen Wolf

Scott and Allison - Teen Wolf
Whether you shipped them or not (and how could you not?) everyone believed they were going to end up together. And they definitely would have had Crystal Reed decided to stay on the show. Instead, Allison died in Scott's arms and declared her love for him once last time. And nope, nothing will ever be okay again.

2. Lanie and Espo - Castle

Lanie and Espo - Castle
The drew them together and tore them apart mostly off screen. They could have been fantastic together but the show barely allowed enough time on screen to acknowledge their existence before breaking them apart once again.

3. Mike and Susan - Desperate Housewives

Mike and Susan - Desperate Housewives
They really made us sit through eight seasons of Mike and Susan's ups and downs just for him to be shot in a drive-by seconds after professing his love to Susan. Talk about a giant let down.

4. Tommy and Lindy - Eye Candy

Tommy and Lindy - Eye Candy
Canceling the series after that cliffhanger was just cruel. Tommy spent the entire season being head over heels in love with Lindy only for them to end the show with so much more to explore between them.

5. Amy and Karma - Faking It

Amy and Karma - Faking It
The entire premise of the show was about Amy realizing she was in love with her best friend. But after seasons of Karma trying to figure out her own feelings, the show was canceled before they got the chance to try and make it work.

6. Abbie and Ichabod - Sleepy Hollow

Abbie and Ichabod - Sleepy Hollow
Their chemistry was out of this world and they pretty much behaved like a married couple. Abbie and Ichabod were literally brought together by fate and went to hell and back for each other, but they killed Abbie without them sharing so much as a kiss.

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