37 Times TV Characters Got Their Groove On

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7. The Elaine - Seinfeld

The Elaine - Seinfeld
Elaine attends a company party and decides to cut loose, unaware of how bad she is. However her spastic moves cause her coworkers to lose all respect for her. The episode ends with an entire city block mocking her behind her back.

8. Talent Show - Castle

Talent Show - Castle
Ryan and Esposito show us why they were the winners of the annual police talent show two years in a row. Castle and Beckett never ended up competing, but it's hard to imagine they would have beaten these moves!

9. Try Again - The Mindy Project

Try Again - The Mindy Project
Despite his curmudgeonly persona, Danny gives Mindy the nicest Secret Santa present ever of learning the original choreography to Aaliyah's "Try Again." While Danny dances several more times, including an excellent strip tease, this first taste was the sweetest.

10. Toxic - Jane the Virgin

Toxic - Jane the Virgin
When Britney Spears is scheduled to perform at the Marbella, Jane dreams of dancing to "Toxic" with her. While it is just a fantasy, we got to witness an awesome side-by-side routine.

11. Sheldon Shags - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Shags - The Big Bang Theory
The girls let Sheldon join them on their ladies night, mostly because they want to see him dance. While Bernadette assumes he'll look like a "spider on a hot plate," Sheldon assures them he's quite qualified. After all, he was forced through cotillion, which gave him "all the social graces and dance skills needed to function in 18th century Vienna."

12. The Running Man - iZombie

The Running Man - iZombie
It's Liv and Lowell's first date. Unfortunately Lowell has recently consumed a gay brain, making romance out of the question. However, they still had a great time together, which included practicing the Moonwalk and the Running Man.

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