38 Hottest 'Ships of Fall 2018!

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The first half of the new TV season is under our belts, and with it comes new couples and potential couples that catch our eyes and our hearts.

Some of them are familiar faces still burning hot and keeping that love alive, and others are brand-new making a name for themselves and building up an army of dedicated 'shippers. 

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Some of them are canon, others are slow burns, and some 'ships are pure wish fulfillment generating buzz amongst passionate fans even if their beloved couple doesn't have a shot in hell of coming to fruition. 

Check out our list of the Hottest "ships burning up the screen this Fall, and hit the comments with your thoughts and suggestions! 


1. Neil and Claire - The Good Doctor

Neil and Claire - The Good Doctor
The relationship between these two has 'shippers on the edge of their seats. There has been friction between Claire and Neil, and their sexual tension is so thick it can be cut with a scalpel.Status: Someone is prime to make a move. Soon.

2. Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and DeLuca - Grey's Anatomy
Who would have thought a drunken kiss would pique so many people's interest? Meredith may have a few suitors, but DeLuca is at the top of the pack. Status: Despite a love triangle, DeLuca may come out of the winner.

3. Ben and Saanvi - Manifest

Ben and Saanvi - Manifest
This investigative duo will get to the bottom of the Manifest secrets and have 'shippers rooting for them along the way. Status: They're supposed to be friends, but is anyone rooting for Ben and Grace to work things out? No. Ben deserves better, and so do we. Give the people what they want.

4. Gary and Maggie - A Million Little Things

Gary and Maggie - A Million Little Things
Their relationship happened fast, like skipped a bunch of steps "thanks for coming to my best friend's funeral with me" kind of fast. It's also the most compelling. Status: It can only end in tears. Grab your tissues.

5. Omar and Ander - Elite

Omar and Ander - Elite
Omar and Ander are also separated by religion and social status, but their biggest obstacle is Omar hiding his sexuality from his devout Muslim parents. Their stolen moments are breathtaking. Status: They love each other. They'll find a way to beat the odds.

6. Magnum and Higgins - Magnum P.I.

Magnum and Higgins - Magnum P.I.
Of course 'shippers were going to jump onboard a Higgins and Magnum 'ship when they saw a female Higgins and Magnum sharing the screen. It didn't hurt that they have a funny dynamic that is a highlight of the show. Status: Give it to us!

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