Castle vs Bones! Who Did It Better?

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 Bones and Castle were both popular shows with a lot in common.

Unusual partnerships. Crime fighting duos. Main characters who made fans crazy as they danced around the will they/won’t they for years!

But they had their differences too. 

Both shows had ardent fan bases, each willing to fight you to the death over which show did it better. 

Who had the best dead bodies? The hottest first kiss? Our favorite wedding? The better pilot and finale? 

Now that both Castle and Bones have aired their series finales, we’re here to break it down. 

And once we're done, don't forget that when you really need your fix, you can always watch Castle online, and watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic.



1. Bones vs. Castle

Bones vs. Castle
A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI special agent work with a team to investigate gruesome murders.

When a serial killer imitates the plots of his novels, a successful mystery writer shadows an NYPD homicide detective, eventually becoming one of her team who helps solves murders.

These were the concepts of Bones and Castle, two long running, quirky crime procedurals that fans adored.

But which one did it better? Read on and help us decide...

2. Best Pilot Episode - Castle

Best Pilot Episode - Castle
Everyone has their favorite, and fans can argue this one out, but we're picking Castle.

The quirky concept of a mystery writer following a homicide detective was fun and the chemistry between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett was off the charts.

We had no idea that “Flowers for Your Grave” would hook us right from the start.

3. Exploring the Relationship - Bones

Exploring the Relationship - Bones
Let’s face it both Booth and Brennan, and Castle and Beckett needed some help navigating their relationships. Thankfully, Bones was lucky enough to have Dr. Lance Sweets on their side.

Whether Booth and Brennan wanted his advice or not, they were given the benefit of his observations and his subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, push in the right direction.

We wish Castle and Beckett had had such a good and insightful friend looking out for them.

4. First Kiss - Castle

First Kiss - Castle
Beckett and Castle win this round. It may have been while undercover, but Rick and Kate’s first kiss was so hot it melted the screen.

We had to agree with a flustered Castle when he said, “That was amazing!”

5. Dead Bodies - Bones

Dead Bodies - Bones
From rat eaten corpses, bodies literally torn to pieces, or those in advanced stages of decomposition, if you’re into gore, Bones wins hands down.

Whether you like the science or the totally gross dead bodies, (this bloated corpse actually popped!) Bones never failed to make an impression .

6. Best Cliffhanger - Castle

Best Cliffhanger - Castle
The Castle season 3 finale was spectacular from start to finish. Not only do we learn that Captain Montgomery was involved in Beckett's mother's murder, but he sacrifices himself to save Beckett. That alone would put it at the top of any list.

But then add Castle and Becketts fight, Beckett being shot by a sniper and Montgomery's funeral, and Castle's declaring his love for her as she bled out in his arms, and "Knockout" moves to the absolute top of our list!

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