23 Dreamiest Male Detectives

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Check out the dreamiest guys who investigate crime on our favorite shows on TV.

1. Nathan Wuoros - Haven

Nathan Wuoros - Haven
Nathan Wuoros may not be able to feel a touch, but his heart is wide open, especially to Audrey Parker. He abandoned his job to focus on finding her when she was lost, but the call of duty cannot be denied and he's back on the force. It's always handy to have a distractingly handsome cop on duty in Haven.

2. Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0

Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0
Little 5-year-old Steve McGarrett wanted to be a police officer. Now, former Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander Steven McGarrett currently leads the Hawaii Five-0 task force. It appears that life on the islands is agreeing with him.

3. Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds

Derek Morgan - Criminal Minds
Special Agent Derek Morgan specializes in analyzing fixations and obsessive behavior but we're mostly fixated on his flirtatious, confident, and protective qualities, not to mention how he looks in that t-shirt.

4. Patrick Jane - The Mentalist

Patrick Jane - The Mentalist
We never used to think of suits with vests, paisley shirts or tea cups as sexy, that was until we met Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on The Mentalist. It's terribly difficult not to get a little turned on by a man who is so intelligent and observant that he can make you think he's reading your mind.

5. Sheriff Alex Romero - Bates Motel

Sheriff Alex Romero - Bates Motel
Sheriff Alex Romero is the guy is desperately trying to keep a seedy town together and cuts newest oddball resident Norma Bates a lot of slack. No matter where he goes or what he does, he looks damn good doing it, given he was born with permanent eyeliner to enhance his sultry dark looks.

6. Carlos Fonnegra - Continuum

Carlos Fonnegra - Continuum
Carlos Fonnegra has been a great cop and a forgiving friend to his time-traveling partner(s). A lesser man would have cracked under the pressure. OK. He did crack, keeping a dead version of Kiera on ice to deep conversations. All is forgiven because he's a gorgeous man outside, making up for the slight cracking marring his inner beauty.

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