Pretty Little Liars Photos: Five Years Later...

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Are you ready to jump into the future?

If yes, you're in luck because Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 11 marks our first taste of the new timeline the ABC Family/ Freeform hit will be following. 

We have the first picture preview for you to feast your eyes on. We're trying to think who looks the best in these pictures, but it's evident all of the liars have aged very well. 

They're positively glowing!

The liars are forced to return to Rosewood by Alison, who wants them to testify that they're not scared of Charlotte. As you can imagine, there's always trouble when Charlotte is concerned. She was A, after all. 

The pictures tease a whole lot of courtroom drama and more mature fashion for the gals. 

1. Will Mona Want Charlotte On The Outside?

Will Mona Want Charlotte On The Outside?
Mona is constantly scheming, so it wouldn't be all that surprising that she would want Charlotte out. The reason being that she and "Uber A" can pin all the blame on Charlotte if need be.

2. We Don't Feel Threatened

We Don't Feel Threatened
All of the girls went through hell at the hands of A, so the case for her release has to be a strong one to even have these gals return to where it all happened. They do look stunning though!

3. Not Amused

Not Amused
Have the gals started receiving texts again yet? They don't look all that amused.

4. All Arise

All Arise
The judge in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 was terrible, but this one looks like she's having a good time.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Rollins

Mr. & Mrs. Rollins
This is the first picture of Ali and her new man. He also happens to be Charlotte's Doctor. Yikes. That ought to make for some first class drama!

6. Smile Time

Smile Time
Ali looks a little too happy here. Does this mean Charlotte got out? We'll need to tune in for that answer!

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