The 100: 25 Underrated Romantic Moments

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The 100 doesn't focus on romance, and yet it is those exact moments that stay with us the longest. 

The scenes that really stand out though are the ones that work romantically because that isn't what is being framed specifically for the audience. The connection that can be created between two people sustains itself based on the groundwork that it lays out for itself instead of waiting for it to be presented that way.

Here is a slideshow dedicated to the most underrated romantic moments from The 100, whether they are shared between couples that were together or based on the chemistry that was created between the lines. 

If you want to see these moments live, you can watch the 100 online to see them in context!

1. Zeke looking at Raven in awe

Zeke looking at Raven in awe
Zeke and Raven's relationship is rooted in appreciating one another. Zeke looking as Raven fixes something and asking if there is anything she can't do could just be a one-off line or it could be a perfect example of why we love these two so much. Raven is so talented and amazing, she deserves to be with someone who views her exactly that way. Season 5 introducing Zeke was showing exactly what the show was missing and what we all were waiting for.

2. Bellamy and Clarke's Season 1 Journey

Bellamy and Clarke's Season 1 Journey
Bellamy and Clarke came such a long way during that first season, and it doesn't get enough love. Or maybe it does but it could always use more of it because that had to singlehandedly be the best relationship development within the scope of a single season. Bellamy and Clarke went from worst enemies to flirty co-leaders, with each new episode pressing on the fact that those two were growing even closer. Day Trip definitely was what it all built up to, with these two baring their souls to one another and forming what could only be considered a platonic soulmate bond.

3. Monty and Harper being the most soft

Monty and Harper being the most soft
Monty and Harper have to be without a doubt the softest couple on The 100. Their love is sweet, supportive, and tangible proof of what a healthy relationship can be. It can be moments like these when Monty just kisses Harper after sex that is a lingering detail focused on how much these two love one another.

4. Bellamy and Wells letting the rain set a mood

Bellamy and Wells letting the rain set a mood
With the rain washing over both of them, the way that Bellamy and Wells stood in that downpour and lingered around a possible something is still astonishing so many seasons later. Let's just make it clear that Bellamy was dropping hints left and right that he was single, and this scene specifically doesn't get enough credit for what it was, pure flirtation. Whatever the hell we want? We see you Bellamy Blake, we all see you.

5. Bellamy and Clarke's Season 2 Journey

Bellamy and Clarke's Season 2 Journey
Now the second season allowed itself to explore the best friends label, stepping over the line of what a friend would do for someone and what Bellamy and Clarke would do for each other. Bellamy voiced the fact that he would do anything for Clarke, which is exactly what he did when she decided that love was a weakness and she couldn't be weak when it came to her wanting to protect Bellamy. But that was not really meant to mean anything, except that it was and it did. Season 2 was the turning point of what Bellamy and Clarke thought they were to one another and what their trust in each other was actually becoming while neither was paying attention.

6. Murphy and Emori's domestic bliss

Murphy and Emori's domestic bliss
The calm before the storm was Murphy and Emori cooking and enjoying the bliss that comes from a staycation. Even though right now their relationship is in a strange place where it feels like Emori breaking up with Murphy was the best choice possible, this was still a scene worth appreciating for the happiness that it was.

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