The Bachelorette Premiere: 13 Most Memorable Moments

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7. Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy
Blake E., who’s occupation is “aspiring drummer,” made a memorable appearance when he arrived with a band behind him. It made all of the other guys totally jealous, and hopefully made Rachel forget he was technically unemployed.

8. The First Kiss

The First Kiss
Bryan wasted no time getting to know Rachel, and was the first (and only!) guy to go in for the kiss. The chemistry between the two of them was definitely there and for a spilt second, it was like they forgot about the cameras (and the 30 other men).

9. Drunk Mo

Drunk Mo
Bollywood dancer Mohit didn’t say much during the premiere, but he left his mark on the audience when he got drunk and was the only person to see Bryan and Rachel kiss. His reaction was pretty great, and I was sad to see him go.

10. The First Impression Rose

The First Impression Rose
Speaking of Bryan, he was the lucky recipient of the first impression rose. It’s safe to say he will probably make it to hometowns, and could even be our next Bachelor.

11. No Rose For AJ

No Rose For AJ
Even though Adam got a rose during the rose ceremony, Adam Jr. did not. It was nice to see Rachel is also creeped out by AJ, and funny to watch her tell Adam not to bring him up when he accepted his rose.

12. The Final Rose

The Final Rose
Despite eligible Bachelors like Blake K. not receiving a rose yet, Rachel gave her last rose of the night to Whaboom (Lucas). I assume the producers made her keep him around for the entertainment factor, but either way, it was a little surprising to see him collect the final rose of the night.

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