The Best of 2014: Plot Twists!

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Check out the TV Fanatic staff picks for best plot twists of 2014.

1. Aayan Killed by Haqqani -- Homeland

Aayan Killed by Haqqani -- Homeland
Aayan's death on Homeland was shocking, even if it could have been expected because Carrie really invested herself in the young man and believed he might be free from the savagery of Haqqani since they were blood relatives. Instead, Haqqani shot him in the head just after it was revealed he also had Saul as a hostage. From there, the race to save Saul turned the season around.

2. Klaus Turns Esther -- The Originals

Klaus Turns Esther -- The Originals
Klaus turning Esther into a vampire. How do you stop your all powerful wicked witch mother from trying to kill you? Turn her into into a vampire so that she can no longer use her ridiculous magic against you. Not to mention it is the one thing that she hates the most. The plot twist at the end of the Originals Season 2 Episode 3 changed the stakes for everyone. With Esther no longer a witch the gang can focus on their other enemies and we will get to see Esther struggle with her new status. We can probably assume that she still won't stop hating and plotting against her children.

3. Mary's An Assassin -- Sherlock

Mary's An Assassin -- Sherlock
Who shot Sherlock Holmes, "His Last Vow," Sherlock. When Sherlock introduced John's girlfriend (and later wife) Mary Morstan, few people would have pegged her as a highly-skilled assassin who would shoot Sherlock to save him. There were hints from the beginning that something was just a little bit off with the witty woman who insisted on John reconciling with his not-really-dead best friend, but the revelation about her past was a fantastic twist on the original Conan Doyle character. It fit neatly with John's adrenaline junkie personality: it's only natural that he'd fall in love with an ex-assassin!

4. Luisa's Loves her Stepmom -- Jane the Virgin

Luisa's Loves her Stepmom -- Jane the Virgin
The reveal that Luisa's past lover is now her stepmother had me gagging. Even for a telenova-inspired TV show, I still didn't see that one coming!

5. Gemini Coven Reveal -- The Vampire Diaries

Gemini Coven Reveal -- The Vampire Diaries
The whole Gemini Coven situation on The Vampire Diaries was a good plot twist. Elena figured out that Alaric's new girlfriend Jo was a witch. We heard the story about Kai killing most of his siblings, but letting his twin live after he stabbed her. Then we saw the scar on Jo's stomach and it all came together. To twist things even more, the twins who were saved were Luke and Live! Oh and they have to merge so one dies and one becomes the leader. FAMILY DRAMA!

6. Bedilia's Working With Lecter -- Hannibal

Bedilia's Working With Lecter -- Hannibal
WHAT?!? Nobody, but nobody saw it coming that Hannibal's psychiatrist, Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson), was on Hannibal's side. We all thought that he had successfully scared her away, and we have no idea what threat or charm he used to get her on his side. So when that final scene with her and Hannibal on the plane graced our screen, jaws all over the world collectively dropped in shock.

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