What We're Watching: February 2-February 8

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Another week on the calendar means more TV to be seen! Here's what we're watching for February 2 to February 8! 

Two words: Saul. Goodman.

1. Better Call Saul - Uno

Better Call Saul - Uno
Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for, the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul is here! What was Saul Goodman up to before he started helping Walter and Jesse launder their meth money? We're going to find out!

2. The Originals - Sanctuary

The Originals - Sanctuary
Klaus is headed to the bayou for a little throwdown with Jackson on The Originals! What will happen when the Alphas go head to head?

3. Marvel's Agent Carter - The Iron Ceiling

Marvel's Agent Carter - The Iron Ceiling
I'm looking forward to seeing Peggy reunite with the Howling Commandos and especially the return of Dum Dum Dugan from Captain America: The First Avenger! -Stacy Glanzman

4. Empire - Dangerous Bonds

Empire - Dangerous Bonds
Empire makes me feel glad that I live in a world where Terrence Howard and Taraji P Henson have Oscar nominations and have their own TV vehicles. Their work here is phenomenal and the family dynamics are getting juicier and juicier. -Orren Konheim

5. The 100 - Coup de Grace

The 100 - Coup de Grace
The 100. Season 2 has been a little light on Bellamy's story, so this episode should be his time to shine. Plus, we're all more than a little anxious for him, being captured and scheduled for harvest and all. Free Bellamy 2k15! -Lindsay MacDonald

6. The Mentalist - Nothing Gold Can Stay

The Mentalist - Nothing Gold Can Stay
The promo for Wednesday night made it look as though a major character will die. I don't know if I'm anticipating the hour or if I'm dreading it. There isn't one character I'd be okay losing, especially with only 4 episodes to go until the series ends! - Christine Orlando

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